Import Jinni Ratings?

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Import Jinni Ratings?

Post by Ryz »

With Jinni shutting down I have moved here to rate my movies and get recommendations. Jinni has sent me an .xls file with the movies I have rated on their site.

xls columns are: title | year | title_type | rate | rating_date | rating_source

Any info on how to import these rating here is greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

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Re: Import Jinni Ratings?

Post by livelove »

One way you could do this:

1. read this: wrote:You can also export a list to csv (comma separated values) file by using the "export" link at the bottom right hand corner of the list. You can then use the csv to look at your list in a spreadsheet program like excel.

2. export your IMDB rankings here:
3. study the exported csv file
4. rearrange the columns in your Jinni xls file to match the csv file (to get the same order of columns)
5. save your xls file as a csv file
6. import this csv file here:

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Re: Import Jinni Ratings?

Post by oplars »

Hello Ryz,
Currious to hear if you tried the suggested procedure? Did anybody else try it, and did it work?

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