Import custom CSV?

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Import custom CSV?

Post by bladewalker »

I have a list of 1000 movies I've manage to massage out of Netflix in a CSV file with a 1-10 "Your Rating" column and a "Title" column. I think only IMDB is supported right now, but I was wondering if I can fake the rest of the IMDB fields? Or are they used? This would only work if only the rating and title columns are actually used, which I realize is a long shot.

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Re: Import custom CSV?

Post by livelove »

welcome to the forum, bladewalker.

If you use a 1-10 rating, your workaround should work I think.
I tried that about 2 years ago and I think I vaguely recall that it worked.

A generic import tool covering a 0-100 scale seems to be in the pipeline as well.

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