forgotten gothic film (name/studio)???

Can't remember that film's name? Post the plot, and see if other users can help.
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forgotten gothic film (name/studio)???

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Me and a group of enthusiasts looking for film of our childhood. Film was shown by TV channel in 1984..1985. IMDB scanned carefully without any positive results.

The movie titles consisted of three or four words, one of them is "Jacob". Jacob is a name of the main hero. Some letters had accented characters (ž, á, etc.). Letters in Latin, but the alphabet is Slavic. Title titles were performed in Gothic letters, and fire ran over them. There is also an assumption that the film was co-produced by several European countries, or english (who watched the movie "Jane Eyre" 1983, will understand, the atmosphere is somewhere similar to this film, which is typically English.

Film was shot in the gothic style, in the genre of realism. From the point of view of camera work, makeup, clothes, made very worthy. There are few scenery, only the necessary minimum, but considering that the camera was filming in a narrow, confined space, these decorations were quite enough. It was filmed by cameras on a magnetic tape. The film is television, the image is clear, and the colors are dim, in gray and brown tones, the lighting is diffused, because in the film it's autumn. Throughout the movie the weather was dull. The atmosphere is gothic, unusually heartfelt, with sinking in the inner world of the main character. Presence of fog or haze. Hopelessness and strain, some other feeling that everything happens in a dream, and the desire to move quickly is impossible. Main hero moved awkwardly like slow-mo, as if pressed to the ground. Jacob is a handsome young man with dark hair. He has a meaningful, far from childish view. Jacket and pants in medieval style. When Jakob loses his beauty, turning into an ugly dwarf, you experience a shock from the contrast. Many people remember the episode of how a witch took out severed human heads with distorted facial features from a basket instead of cabbages. At the same time on the necks were visible traces of dried blood.

IMDB scanned, re-scanned carefully without any results. Guys who are over 40, what do you say?

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Re: forgotten gothic film (name/studio)???

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The only movie I can find relevant to your search query is a short (39 minutes) called "Zwerg Nase"

Another site talks about this movie at ... or_version

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Re: forgotten gothic film (name/studio)???

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Your group has some mighty impressive memory for details.

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