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Nadare aka Avalanche

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:58 pm
by hotsake
I think this movie is much more universal than people give it credit for. Yes its steeped in Japanese traditions but Most if not all culture have dealt or still deal with the same issues. Its about responsibilities, youth, society, love, emotions. I can easily see the multilayered story presented. The young brash rich man who dated a girl against the wishes of his parents and only married her once the girl he loved turned him down. The rich father that spouts off about obligations and keeping the the family name away from scandals, the wife who truly loves her husband but secretly knows he loves someone else and will most likely leave or cheat on her. The other woman who love the young man but chooses family over personal happiness even though her sickly brother tries to push her away so she can be happy. There is no easy way out for these people which is what makes for good drama.