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How do you rate ridiculously bad movies: 0 or >0 ?

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Re: How do you rate ridiculously bad movies: 0 or >0 ?

Postby mwgerb » Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:17 am

I actually retain a couple of numbers out of 100 for movies that are difficult to rate. Either they're so bad they're good, or I respect them for some reason or another but couldn't get into them, etc.

For instance,
35 (20th percentile): Crank, Batman (1966), Space Jam, and Thankskilling. Dumb as hell but you can really get into them.
16 (5th percentile): Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Plan 9, Reefer Madness, Troll 2. Absolute shit, but lovable.

I will point out that there are scores below this that are still ridiculously bad. At some point they get so awful that they're not even lovable anymore even if you laugh the entire time. I'll leave this XKCD strip as an example:

For the record,
11: Gigli
8: Batman and Robin
3: The Star Wars Holiday Special
2: The Room

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