New Update: Edit Existing Filmmakers

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New Update: Edit Existing Filmmakers

Post by mpowell »

Hey guys,

Some of you have already seen this, but last week, we implemented some new functionality that allows "trusted" users to edit and overwrite the actors, directors, and screenwriters listed for a title. From now on, you won't have to contact us directly to make those updates, and will be able to make them yourself.

So, what does "trusted" mean? There are two considerations that go into this -- how long you've been at Criticker, and how many approved updates you've made to the system. If you are "more trusted" than another user, you'll be allowed to overwrite their updates. If not, you won't be -- it will appear greyed out:


Wait, how can someone be more trusted than me?? Well, we've made it so that there is a maximum "trust" factor ... if you've been with us long enough, nobody will be allowed to overwrite your updates at all.

Obviously all this can be configured by admins on the back-end, so if one of our "trusted" users turns out to be a troll, we can back out their updates and block them. Not that we anticipate this happening -- you guys are awesome!

This is the first step in opening up the film information to users we trust to help Criticker be as accurate as possible. More to come!!

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Re: New Update: Edit Existing Filmmakers

Post by cke »

This is a great feature.

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