[new] location:Afghanistan?

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[new] location:Afghanistan?

Post by livelove »

My user profile says "location:Afghanistan".

That's an error. I'm sure I've never selected this country, as I am not from this country.
To my knowledge, the country field was not mandatory when I signed up and therefore left it blank.

It appears that the country field cannot be left blank anymore so I guess that somehow the alphabetically first country in the list is selected automatically, which happens to be Afghanistan. If so, could you please fix the bug and remove the incorrect country information and also allow blank country fields again.

Also why can some users have no country, when I cannot?
Example: www.criticker.com/profile/Farzan

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Re: [new] location:Afghanistan?

Post by kritikos »

I remember seeing "Afghanistan" in your profile since the first time I opened it. Maybe you edited it to change some other info and didn't notice that "country" was now a required field, so "Afghanistan" was saved along with your other changes.

It makes sense to make users pick a country to make title stats more accurate. You can change it to anything else if you don't want to reveal your real location.

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Re: [new] location:Afghanistan?

Post by mpowell »

Yeah, it does look like the option to "deselect" country is missing. We'll get that added soon!

In the meantime, I've updated your profile to be set from "no" country. We do appreciate when people select their country (and then alternatively hide location, as mentioned by Kritikos), as it helps statistics. But we don't want to compel anyone to do so, who'd rather not.

We'll look into that bug soon!

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