A Decade of Criticker

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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by ShogunRua »

Velvet Crowe wrote:
Thu Apr 22, 2021 11:46 pm
It's very clearly anti-lefitst, regardless of any distinctions you can make with left-wing politics. You can't post something like this:

https://genesisofman.files.wordpress.co ... ture15.png

and act like you're apolitical.
Out of curiosity, are you a hardcore leftist? This is an incredibly normie meme I've seen dozens of people post, including moderate leftists and Biden voters. Literally the only people I know who would get offended by something so normie and mild, and claim it proves the other person must be right-wing are hardcore progressives.
Velvet Crowe wrote: In this context, yes, claiming Bernie is a "con-man" is absolutely a partisan bias.
Oh, silly me! All those young socialist revolutionaries who were promised Bernie would fix the corrupt capitalist establishment, only to have him turn around and become a bourgeoisie and capitalist running dog for the most corrupt establishment figures? Well, if they're unhappy about being grifted and backstabbed, according to Velvet Crowe, they're secretely right-wingers!

Man, who knew? Does that mean ANY left-winger who ever criticizes ANY left-wing candidates for ANYTHING is automatically a right-winger?

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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by Dorkovsky »

lmao at those links Velvet Crowe, impressive to learn that guy was even dumber than i originally thought

tfw you've got it all figured out:

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Re: A Decade of Criticker

Post by killgazmo »

Huh. First time looking at the forums section of this site after being here near 7 years, and the first thing i see is a bunch of political bitching. Lol.
Not surprising of course.
Anyway. Love this site, been real useful to me for quite some time now.

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