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Wondering how Criticker works, or have a question that doesn't seem to fit under requests or bugs?
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Re: Adult Films

Post by deep_green »

mpowell wrote:
Fri Jul 29, 2022 12:53 pm
Hopefully the restoration of many of the adult titles shows that we are listening to you, and want to do right by our community. If (and when) we make mistakes, we'll do our best to address them, and own up to them.
Thank you. I had a midweek day off and so my post turned into a bit of a rant, and it would be a shame if I only stopped to post when upset about something. Criticker is a great site. In more than one way it can frustrate some of us, I think, who have niche or daring interests when it comes to cinema and aesthetics, but I also recognise that this is not the main focus, and these areas are usually unprofitable.

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Re: Adult Films

Post by iconogassed »

This is not the first time you've mass-deleted user content without notification. And as far as I know you still haven't said a word about abruptly removing all ratings and reviews for Apocalypse Now: Redux, for one, nor responded to any feedback or inquiries regarding the decision to jettison all alternate versions without a corresponding IMDb page, despite numerous threads/posts on the topic (which I could retrieve if search wasn't disabled for Bugs & Support forums. But here's a goodun).

I, too, lost a not-insignificant number of ratings and at least one featured review this time around. I was worried about another, but our wise Bezosian overlords have designated the simulated ersatz incest of The Seduction of Misty Mundae as "romance".

Just in case:

when ur quarantine becomes one of those twilight zones with the stressed businessman going back to his hometown except it's with stuff u spanked it to in 10th grade

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Re: Adult Films

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livelove wrote:
Fri Jul 29, 2022 1:11 pm
livelove wrote:
Wed Jul 27, 2022 1:31 am
cagedwisdom wrote:
Mon Oct 13, 2008 1:21 am
IMDb permits adult films, it just has a filter that is by default set not to show them. Why couldn't Criticker do this as well?
This question from back in 2008 still applies. After all those who by default don't opt-in for adult titles are not harmed in any way whatsoever as they won't ever see those titles.

@mpowell: It would really help if you could explain what the problem is of keeping adult titles behind the opt-in firewall (instead of deleting them completely) ?

Those who want to see those titles have to opt-in in their profile pages.
Those who do not want to see those titles don't need to do anything at all.

Thus nobody is harmed.
Problem solved, no ?
100%. It seems like they determined there was little value without actually asking the users. And then arbitrarily decided on an action. Then silently implemented that action. Makes one begin to question if continuing to keep track of one's movie viewing here is the right choice since it can be arbitrarily edited and deleted at any time without notice--or without good reason.

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re: Adult Films

Post by karamazov. »

I'm more anti-porn than Andrea Dworkin, but out of principle I have to leave a statement in protest of this action on the part of the administration. Only lost maybe two-or-three items personally, but I feel bad for the cult cinema heads with like the complete works of Jesús Franco or Tinto Brass or whatever meticulously ranked who probably lost a bunch of ratings and reviews without warning. Really outrageous decision.

crtsjffrsn wrote:
Sun Aug 07, 2022 9:20 pm
Makes one begin to question if continuing to keep track of one's movie viewing here is the right choice since it can be arbitrarily edited and deleted at any time without notice--or without good reason.

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Re: Adult Films

Post by lostinlodos »

Wow, how to shoot a title to the top!
So, the line in the sand is going to be: does IMDB classify it as an adult title
And yet that is so very easy to do there it’s not, really, a good source for content description.

Because this metric will kill of thousands of Euro dramas, (I see it has).

From Italian blockbusters to French horror.
The sweep is rather confusing based on another site’s user applicable tag.
Two of the August Underground trilogy are not much more than a feature length pseudo-rape scene.
And yet as underground as they are, the films remain one of the most telling reviews on American Consumerism. More so than Dawn of the Dead even.

What if the Slaughtered Doll trilogy, and it’s spin-offs?
A series of films produced by porn staff, staring porn stars, containing hard core sex, a USC notice…
And has been held by multiple scientific and medical journals as ‘disgusting’ but gold standard visual discussion on the psychological separation between wilful choice and self-loathing?

How many of Tinto’s films got the hammer. Quite a few are missing now. Some of the most respected Italian Dramas of all time!

Some of todays most influential stars mad “adult” tagged films. Stallone and Clair Danes, for example.

Do we axe Zomboobies and Les Vamps? Both “porn” “parody”
Despite every major horror magazine/site still keeping them in top-50 lists?
What do we do with Short Bus? An exploratory drama. The Ringer, revenge horror. Both include a long flat-out porn scene that is NOT an insert (eg Caligula).

And here is we’re we can get really problematic.
Late-70s European horror. Les Vamps already above. Red Monk? The Alter? Stone Walls? The Time Knight?

China? White Snake. Love in September. Etc.
Japan: one word—Pinku
Etc etc etc.
and cartoons? Fritz? Heavy Metal? Little Bo? Love and Robots…? La Blur Girl, Sailor Ballz. Alice in Alterland.

My point being: a user tag from another site is not the best method. Clearly you can’t watch every film posted here. But your use of their tag has just kicked out both national and international award winners. And we’re not talking AVN here.

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