The Ten Worst Films of 2019

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The Ten Worst Films of 2019

Post by mpowell »

Here it is -- your annual list of the year's worst films, as spat upon by the Criticker community. There are some true stinkers here, and our users don't spare any vitriol in taking them down. But who among these god-awful contenders is the worst of all? Who will sink to the bottom of the dung pile, and be remembered as the worst film of 2019? Read on!!

(An apology about the sorry formatting of this year's lists... we're still dealing with the formatting problems on the forum, after a backend software upgrade. Once we've got it fixed up, we'll be making these lists a little prettier!)


10. The Intruder - Hate Percentage: 25%

"Feels like they pulled some yuppie thriller script written for Michael Douglas in the 80s or early 90s out of a drawer. Except for one text message there’s no reference anywhere to any modern culture, media, technology, internet, etc and Ealy even has a classic 80s yuppie guy generic marketing director type job. Sadly it does not have the nudity those older films did though." - Ytadel


9. Wonder Park - Hate Percentage: 29.27%

"The monkey looks so annoying that you expect him to be evil, until you realize that the filmmakers actually believe they have created a cute character. It is probably the biggest surprise in this shameless Pixar copy that pretends to have a big heart despite its shallow core." - Ofterdingen


8. The Hustle - Hate Percentage

"An abysmal embarrassment; perhaps more painful the more affection you have for SCOUNDRELS, as Hathaway and Wilson are awkwardly put through the near identical paces of Caine and Martin; Wilson's painful evocation of Martin's schtick is tough to watch, and some nonsensical swapping around of motives and routines between the two characters makes the final act particularly tough to follow (especially Hathaway's motivations). Do yourself a favour and watch (or rewatch) Caine and Martin instead." - glumpy_99


7. The Curse of La Llorona - Hate Percentage: 33.96%

"Will Cardellini ever land a decent film role? She does the best she can under the circumstances, but this is by the numbers horror that is only vaguely connected to The Conjuring Universe yet looks and sounds like a direct copy, despite its mythical origins lying elsewhere. Chaves simply mimics Wan's style, which was already a composite to begin with, to much lesser effect, and he makes the fatal mistake of piling on the jump scares from the getgo, leaving no room to breathe." - Yiannos


6. 6 Underground - Hate Percentage: 35.37%

"I was told this was bad but didn't believe. But it's actually almost unwatchable in a "I'm getting a headache" way. Nothing is allowed to be on screen for more than 3 seconds. It's looks really cheap, probably because it's shot on digital. There's no dialogue, just quips" - dunetails


5. Countdown - Hate Percentage: 36%

"Such a massively stupid concept that it is impossible for even the movie itself to take seriously. Because of that, it actually is an enjoyable ride. The characters are the worst, and nothing is scary, but the comedic relief makes this into a so-dumb-it’s-good fun ride." - mwgerb


4. The Kitchen - Hate Percentage: 38.1%

"I thought this actually had some promise, but in the end The Kitchen only achieved boring me. Elisabeth Moss was easily the best part of the film, as her character had the hard-nosed actions shown on screen to match the talk that her and the other two leads spout. Nothing really happens on-screen in this movie to lead us to believe that these women are actually the bosses they say they are, leaving this intriguing story out to dry." - jacobclark12


3. Hellboy - Hate Percentage: 38.58%

"The same stupid, unedifying, gory nonsense that Neil Marshall has been peddling since DOOMSDAY. It almost makes Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH look subtle by comparison, but if you like a ridiculous plot, terrible acting, on-the-nose one-liners and hit-and-miss-go-broke-or-go-home-CGI with various monsters from Del Toro's basement room cutting floor, you could do worse. That said, it looks like we can now safely assume that claustrophobic thrill ride THE DESCENT was the outlier." - KMcNeil


2. Cats - Hate Percentage: 52.38%



1. The Fanatic - Hate Percentage: 57.14%

"I might as well have given this a 100! This is perfect nonsense. Travolta is horrible, Fred Durst is even worse, and just when you think the film can’t sink any lower, Devon Sawa plays a Limp Bizkit song for his son in the car. I switched between throwing up, crying and laughing throughout this masterpiece of utter bullshit." - LordBeefJerk

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Re: The Ten Worst Films of 2019

Post by dragon316 »

I am surprised lion king did not make this list I like wander park and hell boy more than lion king is emotionless expression less movie

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