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The Hunt (2020)

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The Hunt (2020)

Postby Stewball » Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:31 am

I'd forgotten this controversial movie which delayed its release from last year due to an ill-conceived connection with two unrelated real life mass shootings. According to the actress playing the lead role, Betty Gilpin, it's supposed to be a satire showing the foibles of both political sides. Yeah, fair enough as far as it goes.

But how can they say it isn't a good guys vs. bad guys story, when one side sets up the other to be hunted for sport. I'm sorry, that's as dippy as thinking "The Brave One" wasn't about using guns in self defense (which opinion was fostered [pun intended] by changing the dvd cover from aggressive to brooding, with matching feeble-minded tagline).

Universal denies that the original title was "Red State vs Blue State"--yeah right (wink, wink). It's best to think of this as a dark comedy, because that's what it is, which also means it's not everybody's cup-o-tea, though it was mine. "R"--9/10

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