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30 for 30

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I think there needs to be greater consistency in the categorization of ESPN's 30 for 30 series.

Collecton: ESPN 30 for 30 docs

Currently, they are at least four different release types for the titles:

TV episode: 24
Film: 16
TV movie: 2
Short: 1 * (this is the Maysles' Muhammad and Larry, the original version of which is from the 80s and the 30f30 cut is a different thing and it's all a little confusing so I would hold off on changing this until everything else is set)

Some points to consider:

- A number of entries, like Steve James' No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson and Brett Morgen's June 17, 1994 have taken on significant life outside the show and been screened widely.

- I think it's obvious that these are more deserving of being categorized as "TV movies" (as opposed to "TV episodes") than, say, Columbo or Black Mirror.

- There have been various chronological collections released on DVD/streaming, but there really is no "season" organization. The closest comparison is the long-running HBO documentary series America Undercover, "episodes" of which aired whenever and are all here on their own as TV movies.

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