Different types of recommendations

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Different types of recommendations

Post by li0li »

So, I was playing through some old NES games and I thought 'I wonder how many NES games I've actually played'. What if you could see the percentage of total NES games you've completed? And what if you could sub-divide by genre, so you could see all the Gameboy platformers you've yet to play?

That might be bit niche, but what if, after you rate a game, you could get a list of high PSIs in that or a similar category. eg, you just rate Mega Man on GB, and then above the profile of the game you just reviewed it says 'Check out these other Gameboy and/or Run-and-Gun games, which have a high PSI'.

Personally I would love to be able to dive into recommendations much more. As it is, I usually just get recommended the same games over and over which I'm probably never going to play.

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Re: Different types of recommendations

Post by iconogassed »

It's actually very easy to do just about everything you want to do.

- Under "Explore", go to "Full Database"
- Filter by "Platform"
- Here you can see all titles for a given platform on Criticker, how many of them you've rated, and even get many recommendations by clicking "sort by PSI". You can do this to generate recommendations for any kind of game or movie you want.

Sub-filtering is not available yet, but the site brass have said they hope to implement a feature that will allow you to compare and filter by multiple collections at once.

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