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Member Since: Dec 6, 2019

Location: France

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85 57% Child of Light (2014) - Mar 20, 2022
76 25% Far Cry (2004) - Feb 27, 2022
"Often frustrating (normal difficulty) I was surprised at how much fun I had on some levels. The first one I've played being the third, I can see how many features were already in this first opus."
77 29% Gunpoint (2013) - Feb 27, 2022
62 3% Dead State (2014) - Jan 25, 2022
"Not gonna lie, had a good time with it. You can tell the devs make sure that every survivor had his/her own story and arc. Too bad there isn't more interaction with them. Would have probably given it a higher score if it didn't crash that often."
75 22% Tiny Stories: Santa Closes (2021) - Jan 10, 2022
"Fun game. Very short. Good thing it's free."