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Game Buff - 106 Game Ratings

Member Since: Nov 27, 2011

Bio: For a whole year I concentrated equally on two things; F***ing, and Criticker. I will never concentrate on it as much as I did in 2016. Radio reception's great here!
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75 24% SimCity 3000 (1999) - Aug 16, 2019
85 57% Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (1998) - May 26, 2019
75 24% Crash Bandicoot (1996) - Apr 21, 2019
95 92% Lego Racers (1999) - Apr 10, 2019
"The first racing game I ever played. I only played a demo until I was 15, and it's been nothing but rollin' ever since"
80 39% Bionicle: The Game (2003) - Apr 10, 2019
"I remember going apeshit for this game during its initial release, like it was peak Bionicle. In my youth it took me a while to finish, but upon revisitation, it took me 90 minutes. I don't know what it was, whether I just got better, or the game finished pretty quickly. Still, in 2006 when my computer crashed and I tried re-installing it, I vividly remember being visibly broken, knowing what was good couldn't be returned to...until 2016"
80 39% Tetris 99 (2019) - Apr 10, 2019
"This is hilarious. 100th game logged. Hell yea"
80 39% Monument Valley (2014) - Apr 10, 2019
"Soothing crisp clear fun. It's both a good thing and a bad thing that the game is so short. Excess could spoil the fun, but its brevity seems to be the biggest flaw it has"
90 78% DX-Ball (1996) - Apr 07, 2019
"bare-bones fun that last way longer than expected. That's what I love about it so much; longevity"
75 24% Plants vs. Zombies (2009) - Apr 07, 2019