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82 58% Dying Light (2015) - May 29, 2023
"In progress. Alright game so far. I don't like that melee weapons breaks so easily (and the lack of materials to fix it). Jumping on top of trucks over zombies is cool. I like exploring and getting loot, but most loot item sucks. Custom AHK file for objective markers. Don't like straight up running from point A to point B. Really don't like the climbing animation which disturbs the pace of movement. A LOT of camouflaged interactions blends in to the background (get stuck on where to go)."
92 94% Prey (2017) - May 24, 2023
"I like the beginning intro. Great grafix and UI polish. I almost quit the game because I didn't realize gloo gun is essential for killing in the early game. Wench by itself is nothing against phantoms. I really enjoy exploring the interconnectness of Talos (3d metroidvania). And the scale of Talos is rather impressive. Switching guns is very satisfying. Avoid survival mode: has annoying trauma sound. I like the "good" ending. But the end ending seems unnecessary & ruins the ambiguity."
84 66% Grand Theft Auto V (2013) - May 19, 2023
"Really polished and detailed game. The irony is that driving in this game is phenomenal, but driving to any GPS destination turns to staring at the map, which really kills the vibe. First heist is amazing, rest meh. Most missions has over-the-top parody/weird/obnoxious character giving you chores to do (except Lamar) and lots of GPS driving. Plane controls is horrendous on PC. F is a cool & chill. But M & T are endless charade of irritation and anger. Last mission should've happened way sooner."
65 8% Nioh (2017) - May 18, 2023
"Dropped. Faster version of dark souls with spammable attacks. Environment is more baren. Confusing controls for PC. Enemies lacks awareness if player is not right in front of them. Of course, since it's a dark souls game. You bet your ass you're gonna deal with fustration of dying and repeating sections before the boss fights."
65 8% RAGE (2011) - May 16, 2023
"Dropped. Good atmosphere but dull color scheme. Confusing weapon switching mechanic for PC. Guns isn't satisfying to use. Lack of ammo. And enemies takes lots of bullets to kill. Doesn't know if the enemy is dead or not = waste more ammo. Enemies have first shot aim hack on. Huge wave of enemies = you're doomed."
72 19% Stick it to the Man! (2013) - May 16, 2023
"The art style is really unique. This is foremost a puzzle game. Lots of weird stuff presented to you. And finding the connections to it means getting stuck a lot. The dialogue are a hit and miss. Some are funny but most can be tedious."
86 80% The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (2023) - May 15, 2023
"In progress. Not a fan of sky and underground maps. Extra steps to explore them. Building and weapon synthesis are essential gameplay now. Potential obstacle to fun if you don't enjoy constant customizing. I like the companion system. Gameplay is smooth as always but there's more lagging. Much faster shrines loading. Dungeon and boss: fire>>wind. Characters: yunobo>>tulin. Memories cutscenes are good, but dungeon cutscenes are bad... especially the secret bs."
73 21% The Quarry (2022) - May 14, 2023
"Walking simulator + choose your adventure book + QTEs = "interactive movies". Or a movie based on choose your adventure books. Lots of walking and corny dialogue, not enough action or horror elements. The science behind the monsters is unconvincing, thus, breaking immersion. Ryan is the most likeable character."
85 73% Rage 2 (2019) - May 13, 2023
"Story feels like a cheesy action movie amusement park and it knows so that's good. Not expecting aliens like enemies at all. Grafix and gameplay feels REALLY polished. The driving is satisfying but lacks drift control. The shot gun sfx is too loud. I like the arena and race course. Killing enemies in this game is very very satisfying. Upgrading abilities and getting ark upgrades are pretty significant and fun. Overall, story is meh. Gameplay is phenomenal and the main highlight."
65 8% Remnant: From the Ashes (2019) - May 13, 2023
"Dropped. Feels like an MMO quest line. The combat is alright, but if there's no intriguing story. There's no reason for me to progress. I looked up that this game focuses on loot and RNG map generation, so sort of like a roguelite. Which is not my kind of game."