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75 22% Aliens Infestation (2011) - Jan 28, 2023
"A lot of dialogue in the beginning. Can't believe with that many dialogue, they didn't bother to tell you to hold R to run... Anyway, I like the concept of loosing your characters just like fire emblem or xcom. At first this game reminds me of cellphone games back in the day but this game is actually pretty good once you get used to the game. Alien are such a bother when running from point A to point B, basically stops your movements every few second or less. Zoe Kennedy is pretty funny lol."
80 46% Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (2009) - Jan 28, 2023
"might be 83"
69 8% VVVVVV (2010) - Jan 26, 2023
"Too much fustrating game mechanics, but the game is somewhat fair because check points are plentiful. The only issue I have is the wonky new mechanics they add like the string bounce (which just adds a layer of confusion) and escort missions (omega pain in the ass). Most challenging levels are simply confusing level design. I like the simple graphics and just upside down mechanics. But if anything else is introduce, it adds complexity which adds more confusion on top of confusion."
68 7% The Mummy Demastered (2017) - Jan 26, 2023
"Missing lots of nuance quality of life must haves. Too many enemies everywhere. Basic guns takes too long to kill basic enemies. Enemies are too generic. Boss takes too long to kill. Map doesn't show proper good info. Map level design is meh. The concept of killing original agent is cool but BS gimmic in practice as the place of your death could be REALLY hard place to get back to since your character reset back to no upgrades. But I do like the metroidvania twist concept of agent with guns"
84 64% Huntdown (2020) - Jan 26, 2023
"Omega 10/10 pixel graphics. It's gorgeous to look at. Background wall paper level. However, it's a difficult game. There's simply too many enemies on screen in later levels. Sometimes, the best strat is basically just walk past them to check point lmao. Some boss fights are easy and some are OBNOXIOUSLY hard but all bosses are tanky af. Would give this game a 80 if it wasn't for the fantastic pixel graphics. Music is kinda bad thou. I like the first phase of the final boss fight."
70 11% Moonlighter (2018) - Jan 23, 2023
"The core flow of the game is plateau(stuck) at current dungeon. Grind mini bosses for item drops so you can craft better equips then finally kill dungeon boss. Rinse and repeat. Upgrading is fun, but the grinding process becomes a chore and not fun at all. Really disappointed with the story."
60 1% Axiom Verge 2 (2021) - Jan 23, 2023
"The worst enemy is the map level design, too open ended with lots of dead ends. Instead of feeling like exploring, you're confused inside a maze. Lots of dialogue I don't like. Guns isn't the main weapon so less fun. Music is a lot worse than the first game. Introducing more button complexity = doesn't mean fun. Man, really disappointed by the sequel. I didn't mind getting lost in the first game. But in the second game, it's too fustrating to continue playing. Stop at one of the crab level."
85 72% Axiom Verge (2015) - Jan 19, 2023
"I like the grafix SFX. I like the story. Lots of varies weapons but only few are good, rest are meh. Bosses are kind of a joke. Worst enemy is knock backs, freefalling and climbing back up. Don't really like the music."
94 95% Fez (2012) - Jan 19, 2023
"Very beautiful pixel art. Very chill experience. If you like exploring and getting lost in wonder, this game is for you."