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80 72% Stellar Blade (2024) - Rated 15 May 2024
"If you have a girlfriend, playing Stellar Blade in her presence is going to introduce you to an unprecedented amount of eyerolling. No idea why, though. It's great! What a debut for such a small studio, looks, sounds and plays top tier (jumping passages excluded), a surprisingly well working blend of post-apocalyptic scifi and soulsborne mechanics with anime aesthetics. Of course there's already the screams of the offended, because escapism like this is all about depicting reality accurately."
75 52% Disco Elysium (2019) - Rated 02 Apr 2024
"Kurvitz is an avid fan of roleplaying books and it shows. Kurvitz also has a pretty basic grasp on concepts like libertarianism and it shows, too. He sorta tries not to favor one over the other, but falls into the usual traps (capitalism is about money, communism is about people etc.). If you don't give a fuck either way, it's a nice enough visual novel with somewhat complex choices, but i'm not sure how this college level existentialist-noir-fiction is a masterpiece."
80 72% Helldivers 2 (2024) - Rated 04 Mar 2024
"Genius! A game where "too many bugs" will never be a valid criticism."
85 87% Baldur's Gate 3 (2023) - Rated 02 Feb 2024
"Ultimate translation of pen & paper to the screen! Love how this game dares you to break it, though it still works a bit too often. Ample opportunity to miss out on content makes for excellent replay value. What the hell's wrong with the "character editor", though? Two body types and a couple of faces, but i can give myself an adjustable amount of vitiligo, which literally NOBODY in this game has?! How weirdly specific. Anyway, i can get people to run around butt naked, so who am i to complain?"
75 52% Alan Wake II (2023) - Rated 19 Nov 2023
"Its AAA graphics, sound and atmosphere invite you to expect the same standards in game mechanics and design. But Remedy isn't an AAA studio, and although they have released titles that played comparatively smoother (e.g. Control), Alan Wake 2 has just too many stale and frustrating gameplay aspects keeping it from being a truly great...well, game. Its weird, lynch'esque narrative is worth the experience, though it should've been tied up with the same amount of love it was set up with."
65 18% The Callisto Protocol (2022) - Rated 09 Nov 2023
"From the guy who created "dead space" comes an all new "dead space" experience called "dead space""
60 9% Battlefield 2042 (2021) - Rated 07 Sep 2023
"sure, it's brainless fun for a while. until you realize the only time you ever stood a chance was against randomly inserted AI bots. the players are a bunch of crazy kids who couldn't figure out how to operate a turnstile, but shoot you in the head with a SPAS-12 across the whole map while shuffling through their inventory and watching netflix, youtube and tiktok simultaneously."
60 9% Alan Wake Remastered (2021) - Rated 06 Jul 2023
"Still a boring, repetitive slog, but with better resolution. I mean graphics."
70 33% Hogwarts Legacy (2023) - Rated 26 Jun 2023
"This game accomplished what the books somehow couldn't: convince me that there's potential to tell a good story in the potterverse. Not by telling a good story, oh no, it's just lame, by the numbers, inconsequential nonsense. But the world, atmosphere and gameplay worked wonders, i liked the fighting/spell-system, broomflights on a somewhat diverse map, exploring caves etc... Now if someone were to take this solid foundation and fill it with engaging content you'd have a really great game!"
65 18% NBA 2K23 (2022) - Rated 15 Jun 2023
"This game is great...on those rare occurences when it's coincidentally about playing basketball. I get offering some sort of career/build your player mode, but this quest-based, half assed attempt on a plot unfolding in this lame "open world" or hub or whatever (paired with the absolute worst skating mechanics i've ever seen) feels more like the progressives wet dream of a re-educational concentration camp. Fam."