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guy piranha

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Game Buff - 166 Game Ratings

Member Since: Feb 21, 2011

Location: Megaton, Micronesia

Bio: fine chariot, but where are the horses?

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80 71% Inscryption (2021) - Nov 04, 2022
"It's continually less engaging as you progress, which only means that it goes from "superb" to "great". Definitely a breath of fresh air and exactly why independent studios are needed."
60 10% Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (2009) - Oct 13, 2022
"Run boy run."
60 10% The Medium (2021) - Oct 05, 2022
"The medium is clean and simple bloober team's application to inherit the silent hill franchise. And supposedly it worked, as they're rumored to be working on a silent hill 2 remake. And after finishing the medium, i can only say this: please don't. Nothing good can possibly come of it. Do something new with the brand, heck, remake one of the many dumpster fires, but stay away from the benchmark."
70 33% Return to Monkey Island (2022) - Sep 27, 2022
"Definitely a mixed bag of "welcome back!" and "this again?". My points were lower if gilbert didn't acknowledge the futility of recreating the past in a sweet little post-completion message. The hate for the art-style is unwarranted, the puzzles on the other hand are rarely creative or in need of the series' signature outside the box-thinking. Thus, the new hint system is pretty obsolete, although i get the sad reality behind implementing it for all the challenged attention spans out there."
60 10% Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed (2022) - Sep 14, 2022
"It's buggy and unfinished as hell, the voice acting is atrocious, but there's the obvious charm of killing people and buildings at your leisure. Great concept, needed more work, but it's also not a complete fuckup."
60 10% The Last of Us Part I (2022) - Sep 07, 2022
"The game itself is still pretty much my favorite, so my points are...let's say "ideological". First off, buying this as "part 1" would imply i consider druckmann's hubristic attempt at an "edgy" sequel as a legitimate continuation, thematically and spiritually. Nope. Secondly, i bought this game TWICE (ps3,ps4) already and can't at least have some sort of discount on an 80 bucks graphics update? Nope. Sorry, TLOU, i love you dearly, but this cash-grubbing mentality must not be rewarded."
55 5% The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (2019) - Aug 29, 2022
"Maybe i didn't pay enough attention, but what's indonesia got to do with anything here?"
69 23% Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 (2020) - Aug 24, 2022
"Faceplanting after a grind with two awkward jumps and a short manual is as good as it gets for me these days. Damn, i feel so old right now."
65 18% Stray (2022) - Aug 18, 2022
"Damn, it must be tough to be level designer at a game like this. You craft these intricate, atmospheric and gorgeous environments...and then the gameplay mechanics consist of running right past everything, occasionally meowing."