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Member Since: Sep 10, 2018

Location: USA

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82 45% Shadow of the Colossus (2005) - Sep 10, 2018
"Shadow of the Colossus is a game that has awkward controls, a large but empty open world, and a nearly nonexistent story. But its music, atmostphere, and the little story it does have are all excellent, and it's definitely a beautiful, artistic game. While I wouldn't recommend Shadow of the Colossus for everyone, it's a perfect example of the artistic potential video games can have, and it definitely deserves its spot as one of the greatest games on the PlayStation 2."
100 95% Chess (1600) - Sep 10, 2018
"There's not much to say about chess. It's a perfectly balanced board game and it's probably the most influential game of all time. Plus, this game has been played for well over a millennium, so it had to have done something right. If you like turn-based tactics games, you'll like chess."
33 4% Life Is Strange (2015) - Sep 10, 2018
"Life Is Strange is a game I very much wanted to like but I just couldn't. The game has some very strong charm and I feel like a lot of heart was put into it, but that ultimately couldn't save this game from its flaws. Its characters all feel very bland and one-note, and the plot is very meandering and melodramatic, and not in a good way. One major mystery goes completely unsolved and the game ends in a binary choice that renders the rest of it ultimately completely meaningless."
87 70% Sonic Generations (2011) - Sep 10, 2018
"Sonic Generations is the best Sonic game to use the boost formula. Its plot is one of the weakest, but ultimately that's not why you're here. You're here to replay the old Sonic levels reimagined as boost stages and classic levels, and they are very good. The blatant nostalgia pandering makes me feel apprehensive at times, but I can forgive it for an anniversary title. The 2D, as well, is done better in standalone classic Sonic titles, but it isn't bad here. Overall, the game's pretty good."
83 54% Sonic Heroes (2003) - Sep 10, 2018
"Sonic Heroes is a severely flawed yet very fun game. The team mechanics are unique compared to other games in the series and all three play styles are fun to use. I very much enjoy this game, but a lot of problems hold it back. First of all, you have to play through the game 4 times to complete the story, which is just unnecessary padding. Also, the game is very glitchy at points, with grinding on rails in particular being a crapshoot. But regardless, I love Sonic Heroes."
88 79% Sonic Mania (2017) - Sep 10, 2018
"Sonic Mania is a very well-made game. It's very similar to Sonic CD and Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but that's not a bad thing. The only thing holding Sonic Mania back from true greatness is that the creators weren't given much room to make truly unique levels, and most of the levels are recycled. Regardless, it's a love letter to the classic Sonic games and it makes me hopeful for the future of this series. It's also a game made by fans for fans and I hope that more games are made like this."
86 62% Sonic Adventure (1998) - Sep 10, 2018
"Sonic Adventures is seriously flawed in many ways but I just love it. It's a classic 3D platformer and, while it's very glitchy, focuses a lot on set piece moments that age badly, and has a scattered gameplay style that ranges from janky platformer to awful fishing game, there's just something unabashedly FUN about it. Maybe it's the hilariously awful story and voice acting, maybe it's the bizarre pleasure I get from taking advantage of the glitches, or maybe it's just that I enjoy the game."
90 87% Cuphead (2017) - Sep 10, 2018
"Cuphead is a very simple but very well-crafted game. It's difficulty is high but it very rarely feels cheap, and most deaths end up feeling like they're your fault. The bosses are all very well-made, and the run-and-gun levels, while not being great, are still good (except 'Perilous Piers'). The visuals and music are top notch, showing just how much love and care went into this game. If you love action games, or are just feeling nostalgic for Steamboat Willie, Cuphead is worth your time."
80 29% PokĂ©mon Sun & Moon (2016) - Sep 10, 2018
"Pokémon Sun & Moon is still the same Pokémon game we've grown up on, just with a lot more Pokémon to catch. Unfortunately, this game is, much like pokémon X & Y, a little too linear for my taste, and there is clearly much less after-game content than the previous entries, to the point of feeling unfinished. The story's a bit better than the average Pokémon fare, but honestly I could take it or leave it. If you like Pokémon you'll like Pokémon Sun & Moon, but it's nothing revolutionary."
80 29% PokĂ©mon Yellow (1998) - Sep 10, 2018
"Pokémon Yellow is a classic of the RPG genre. It's a very dated game, and extremely glitchy, but at its core, it's the exact same Pokémon game everyone else grew up on. If you like Pokémon, you'll like this."