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0 game ratings

Overall Star Rankings

  • BillyShears

    #1 - BillyShears has 449 stars from 66 users

    Final-Fantasy-VII Final Fantasy VII - BillyShears's Most Popular Review
    80 - "Japanese people think all black people are Mr T. "
  • Ocelot

    #2 - Ocelot has 111 stars from 38 users

    Cards-Against-Humanity Cards Against Humanity - Ocelot's Most Popular Review
    20 - "training wheels for unfunny people."
  • Velvet Crowe

    #3 - Velvet Crowe has 69 stars from 28 users

    Life-Is-Strange Life Is Strange - Velvet Crowe's Most Popular Review
    10 - "Quite possibly one of the dumbest games I've ever encountered. If not for Adum Plaze's walkthrough of the game, I'd find this title unbearable. The time travel mechanics are never used in an interesting way, and the plot is written in the most moronic and juvenile way imaginable. I struggle to think of a protagonist more unlikable than Chloe, or a game that pulls off so many insulting ass pulls while acting like it's brilliant. It gets points for a solid atmosphere, but otherwise it's awful."
  • Obdurate

    #4 - Obdurate has 52 stars from 27 users

    Final-Fantasy-VII-Remake Final Fantasy VII Remake - Obdurate's Most Popular Review
    100 - "It's different than OG, not better or worse. Feared that Midgar being drawn out would kill pacing but was invested the entire time. Story is better written, actually giving depth to all things (events, characters). Combat is complex but feels right. Each character actually controls differently which is nice. Remixes of music are wonderful, some original songs slap. More focus on engaging in combat to unlock special things (not a huge fan of that vs OG). Leveling is deeper with weapon upgrades. "
  • JSchlansky

    #5 - JSchlansky has 144 stars from 26 users

    Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-2009 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - JSchlansky's Most Popular Review
    58 - "That 'No Russian' mission is dumb as hell. Don't get me wrong, not because it's boundary pushing and controversial. It's dumb because the character you play in the mass shooting is an undercover CIA good guy who's playing along with the terrorists so he has a chance to stop a (vague) threat further down the line. No under cover dude would let THAT happen, gunning down 100 unarmed civilians and police officers. If there's any event he should be trying to stop, it's that."
  • Ytadel

    #6 - Ytadel has 103 stars from 24 users

    Super-Mario-Run Super Mario Run - Ytadel's Most Popular Review
    2 - ""A new kind of Mario game that you can play with one hand." thx but my jacking off and mario playing are usually scheduled for separate times of day"
  • hellboy76

    #7 - hellboy76 has 47 stars from 22 users

    Spider-Solitaire Spider Solitaire - hellboy76's Most Popular Review
    50 - "For you fancy fucks that can't just be happy with good ol' solitaire. "
  • CMonster

    #8 - CMonster has 60 stars from 20 users

    Cribbage Cribbage - CMonster's Most Popular Review
    80 - "When my grandpa was getting old his was losing body functionality but not his mind. So he had a giant cribbage board with big pegs and playing cards with big numbers/suits so they were easy to see. Yet he was still sharp enough to beat me and laugh in my face. He was a WW2 vet and another old deaf guy was playing taps at his funeral but he was so deaf he didn't realize nobody could hear it so we all just stood there awkwardly. I got the last laugh. Seriously though, we had good times with this"
  • BeeDub

    #9 - BeeDub has 263 stars from 19 users

    Super-Mario-64 Super Mario 64 - BeeDub's Most Popular Review
    100 - "So long, gay Bowser!"
  • Bown

    #10 - Bown has 52 stars from 18 users

    Marvels-Avengers Marvel's Avengers - Bown's Most Popular Review
    30 - "Terrible games as a service bullshit. This game can eat my poo!!!!!!! (please star this review i worked very hard on it)"
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