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  • BillyShears

    #1 - BillyShears has 174 stars from 30 users

    Super-Mario-Bros-2 Super Mario Bros. 2 - BillyShears's Most Popular Review
    90 - "Real men use Peach and just float over all the bullshit. Quick everyone duck before someone bring up Doki Doki Panic"
  • Ocelot

    #2 - Ocelot has 55 stars from 19 users

    Pong-1972 Pong - Ocelot's Most Popular Review
    15 - "this is like rating those movies from 1888 where a horse-drawn carriage crosses a bridge. revolutionary and endlessly entertaining for their time, providing countless of hours of entertainment for people who otherwise wished they were dead. nowadays, though, it's socially acceptable to jack off, and "masterpieces" like Pong and Roundway Garden Scene have little value as anything other than examples of the past's overwhelming shittyness"
  • brickwall

    #3 - brickwall has 25 stars from 12 users

    Heavy-Rain Heavy Rain - brickwall's Most Popular Review
    60 - "When you take a step back and examine it, Heavy Rain is pretty laughable in a lot of ways but it does a lot right and I really do enjoy the novel concept of movie-games. I think the problem is that David Cage would make a terrible filmmaker."
  • PendejoJorge

    #4 - PendejoJorge has 22 stars from 12 users

    Life-Is-Strange Life Is Strange - PendejoJorge's Most Popular Review
    10 - "Quite possibly one of the dumbest games I've ever encountered. If not for Adum Plaze's walkthrough of the game, I'd find this title unbearable. The time travel mechanics are never used in an interesting way, and the plot is written in the most moronic and juvenile way imaginable. I struggle to think of a protagonist more unlikable than Chloe, or a game that pulls off so many insulting ass pulls while acting like it's brilliant. It gets points for a solid atmosphere, but otherwise it's awful."
  • Obdurate

    #5 - Obdurate has 21 stars from 11 users

    Metal-Gear-Solid-4-Guns Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Obdurate's Most Popular Review
    100 - "Fave game of all-time. There's a criticism that you could level where the latter half of the game focuses less on actual gameplay, but by that point I was so invested in the story I could just watch it. Now that I think about it I called the original MGS the best story but this is tied with it. Going back to Shadow Moses was a real holy shit moment, fighting in Metal Gears, the gameplay (when you play it) was an improvement on MGS3. The bosses weren't as elaborate but they felt more intimate."
  • lisa-

    #6 - lisa- has 18 stars from 11 users

    Fez Fez - lisa-'s Most Popular Review
    45 - ""gamers are the worst fucking people" - phil fish, creator of FEZ. case in point: the user PendejoJorge describing him as an "unlikable faggot"."
  • mattorama12

    #7 - mattorama12 has 16 stars from 11 users

    Final-Fantasy-VII Final Fantasy VII - mattorama12's Most Popular Review
    90 - "If this game was just the Chocobo breeding and racing, it would still be one of the all-time greats."
  • hellboy76

    #8 - hellboy76 has 13 stars from 10 users

    Go-Fish-1984 Go Fish - hellboy76's Most Popular Review
    66 - "This came out in 1984? I assumed it was hundreds of years old, from a time when there was nothing else to do but fuck your cousin. Or fuck yourself. Fuckin' fish. "
  • Ytadel

    #9 - Ytadel has 38 stars from 6 users

    Donkey-Kong-3 Donkey Kong 3 - Ytadel's Most Popular Review
    3 - "The ignominious beginning and ending of the villain-fighting career of Stanley the Bugman"
  • CMonster

    #10 - CMonster has 14 stars from 6 users

    Go-Fish-1984 Go Fish - CMonster's Most Popular Review
    10 - "Go fuck yourself. "
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