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0 game ratings

Overall Star Rankings

  • BillyShears

    #1 - BillyShears has 391 stars from 60 users

    Final-Fantasy-VII Final Fantasy VII - BillyShears's Most Popular Review
    80 - "Japanese people think all black people are Mr T. "
  • Ocelot

    #2 - Ocelot has 101 stars from 33 users

    Scrabble Scrabble - Ocelot's Most Popular Review
    25 - "a horribly designed game with a heavy dose of white supremacy. i'm sorry, but if you're not going to include Kanji, Cyrillic and emojis, why don't you just write "Heil Hitler" on the damn box? that this came out but a year before the Fuhrer invaded Poland makes these oversights seem far less than coincidental."
  • JSchlansky

    #3 - JSchlansky has 126 stars from 25 users

    Heavy-Rain Heavy Rain - JSchlansky's Most Popular Review
    60 - "When you take a step back and examine it, Heavy Rain is pretty laughable in a lot of ways but it does a lot right and I really do enjoy the novel concept of movie-games. I think the problem is that David Cage would make a terrible filmmaker."
  • Velvet Crowe

    #4 - Velvet Crowe has 64 stars from 25 users

    Life-Is-Strange Life Is Strange - Velvet Crowe's Most Popular Review
    10 - "Quite possibly one of the dumbest games I've ever encountered. If not for Adum Plaze's walkthrough of the game, I'd find this title unbearable. The time travel mechanics are never used in an interesting way, and the plot is written in the most moronic and juvenile way imaginable. I struggle to think of a protagonist more unlikable than Chloe, or a game that pulls off so many insulting ass pulls while acting like it's brilliant. It gets points for a solid atmosphere, but otherwise it's awful."
  • Obdurate

    #5 - Obdurate has 45 stars from 24 users

    What-Remains-of-Edith-Finch What Remains of Edith Finch - Obdurate's Most Popular Review
    90 - "This evolved the walking sim by actually adding some fun gameplay to it. You still basically just walk, but the different things you end up doing adds some variety. But it stands out and stands tall with the best in the genre because the story is so compelling."
  • Ytadel

    #6 - Ytadel has 95 stars from 21 users

    UNO-1971 UNO - Ytadel's Most Popular Review
    6 - "I once played Strip UNO with this chick and I saw me some titties. Said chick was my wife and I'd seen her titties several thousand times so it wasn't really a big deal, but still, pretty Chad of me"
  • hellboy76

    #7 - hellboy76 has 39 stars from 20 users

    Spider-Solitaire Spider Solitaire - hellboy76's Most Popular Review
    50 - "For you fancy fucks that can't just be happy with good ol' solitaire. "
  • lisa-

    #8 - lisa- has 31 stars from 17 users

    Fez Fez - lisa-'s Most Popular Review
    5 - ""gamers are the worst fucking people" - phil fish, creator of FEZ. case in point: the user PendejoJorge describing him as an "unlikable faggot"."
  • overrated

    #9 - overrated has 25 stars from 17 users

    LA-Noire L.A. Noire - overrated's Most Popular Review
    80 - "Talk about a game that broke through the uncanny valley! *raises eyebrows up and down 3 times, looks out the sides of eyes*"
  • BeeDub

    #10 - BeeDub has 221 stars from 15 users

    Super-Mario-64 Super Mario 64 - BeeDub's Most Popular Review
    100 - "So long, gay Bowser!"
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