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0 game ratings

Overall Star Rankings

  • BillyShears

    #1 - BillyShears has 310 stars from 49 users

    Final-Fantasy-VII Final Fantasy VII - BillyShears's Most Popular Review
    80 - "Japanese people think all black people are Mr T. "
  • Ocelot

    #2 - Ocelot has 98 stars from 31 users

    Metal-Gear-Solid-2-Sons Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Ocelot's Most Popular Review
    100 - "almost every video game ever made only exists in the moment. you press buttons, get some pleasure stimulus in that reward center of your brain, and you forget about them until you play them again. Metal Gear Solid 2 shatters that convention -- it is a game that exists most thoroughly when it is not being played. it is gaming's essential text, a shining example of what's possible with the medium, and possibly the most prophetic text for the 21st century. sublime."
  • brickwall

    #3 - brickwall has 80 stars from 22 users

    Heavy-Rain Heavy Rain - brickwall's Most Popular Review
    60 - "When you take a step back and examine it, Heavy Rain is pretty laughable in a lot of ways but it does a lot right and I really do enjoy the novel concept of movie-games. I think the problem is that David Cage would make a terrible filmmaker."
  • Velvet Crowe

    #4 - Velvet Crowe has 55 stars from 21 users

    Life-Is-Strange Life Is Strange - Velvet Crowe's Most Popular Review
    10 - "Quite possibly one of the dumbest games I've ever encountered. If not for Adum Plaze's walkthrough of the game, I'd find this title unbearable. The time travel mechanics are never used in an interesting way, and the plot is written in the most moronic and juvenile way imaginable. I struggle to think of a protagonist more unlikable than Chloe, or a game that pulls off so many insulting ass pulls while acting like it's brilliant. It gets points for a solid atmosphere, but otherwise it's awful."
  • Obdurate

    #5 - Obdurate has 39 stars from 20 users

    Grand-Theft-Auto-III Grand Theft Auto III - Obdurate's Most Popular Review
    85 - "It's a little outdated right now but I can't forget just how much fun it was to do absolutely nothing in this game when it came out, so it still gets a high score from me."
  • hellboy76

    #6 - hellboy76 has 32 stars from 18 users

    Spider-Solitaire Spider Solitaire - hellboy76's Most Popular Review
    50 - "For you fancy fucks that can't just be happy with good ol' solitaire. "
  • Ytadel

    #7 - Ytadel has 81 stars from 16 users

    Bible-Adventures Bible Adventures - Ytadel's Most Popular Review
    0 - "These Wisdom Tree games are some of the most hilariously and iconically lame on the NES. Back around '91 one of my friends with super religious parents who wouldn't buy him anything else brought his copy over and got mad when I said it sucked lol"
  • Mentaculus

    #8 - Mentaculus has 35 stars from 15 users

    Super-Mario-Bros-2 Super Mario Bros. 2 - Mentaculus's Most Popular Review
    85 - "In my best David Lynch voice: "There are secrets in the sand. I have found the dark universe, in a jar inside my dreams.""
  • mattorama12

    #9 - mattorama12 has 26 stars from 15 users

    Final-Fantasy-VII Final Fantasy VII - mattorama12's Most Popular Review
    90 - "If this game was just the Chocobo breeding and racing, it would still be one of the all-time greats."
  • CMonster

    #10 - CMonster has 44 stars from 14 users

    Cribbage Cribbage - CMonster's Most Popular Review
    80 - "When my grandpa was getting old his was losing body functionality but not his mind. So he had a giant cribbage board with big pegs and playing cards with big numbers/suits so they were easy to see. Yet he was still sharp enough to beat me and laugh in my face. He was a WW2 vet and another old deaf guy was playing taps at his funeral but he was so deaf he didn't realize nobody could hear it so we all just stood there awkwardly. I got the last laugh. Seriously though, we had good times with this"
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