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Late Night

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Late Night

Postby Stewball » Sun Jun 16, 2019 6:18 pm

Emma Thompson is her usual adept and flawless self (my favorite performance is in "Stranger Than Fiction"), while Mindy Kakling is the off screen overweight token minority comedienne with a degree of talent, who plays one on screen. In addittion to the political correctness, the plot indicates itself to be in the leftist political camp in it's support of Planned Parenthood. But later it shoots itself in the left foot (which I must assume was intentional), when Mz. Newbery, while interviewing two black men in the street who can't hail a cab, as in the preview in her new role as 'White Savior', hails one for them. But then when one of the guys says, he "actually didn't need to go anywhere", she replies, "That doesn't matter, that's how white saviors work".

Inspired satire on its face alone, but in case you missed it, that ALSO means that self-declared white saviors (liberals) don't care about the "victims" they use, er help, and which hypocrisy bleeds over onto the original cause (Pro-Choice without limits), and on to countless other causes as well. BTW, "Pro-Life"can be equally extreme itself, just sayin'. 8/10

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