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Ve Vant to Suck Your BLOOOOD!

but will settle for cash

Criticker needs your help. We've always been a two-man team, without any funding or venture capital money, and completely unaffiliated with any other site. The freedom is nice, but then again so is eating. So is existence.

We've always accepted donations, but decided it was time to give something in return. So now, for just $5, you can become a Criticker Sponsor. You'll enjoy an ads-free version of the site, as well as a few special statistical features we can't afford to make available to everyone.

Sponsor-Only Features

  • Ads-Free Criticker
  • Statistics and Graphs
  • 2000 TCIs Stored Instead of 1000
  • Full Daily PSI Regenerations
  • Check the Contentiousness of Your Rankings
  • Titles (we'd bet are) Missing from Your List
  • Your Most Concurrent Users
  • Reverse TCIs (Your influence on others)

And, of course, you'll have the knowledge that you're helping Criticker survive and become even better.