About Criticker

Why We Exist

We hated Shrek 2 and were shocked that nobody agreed with us. In vain, we searched for friends who shared our opinion: Shrek 2 was nothing more than unfunny puns strung together by slick and soulless animation. And that donkey is the most annoying character in cinema history.

But no! Shrek 2 was universally loved! Only with much hard work did we discover others who shared our vehemenence. They exist, those rare people with tastes similar to ours, and nowadays we listen closely to their opinions. The experience taught us that it's not enough to read reviews and talk with friends -- you get the best recommendations from the people whose tastes best match yours. The idea of Criticker and the TCI (Taste Compatibility Index) was born.

Our Mission

Criticker aims to match you with the people who share your taste most exactly. By using the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI), you can identify with whom you most agree, out of thousands. It's more than just recommendations: you're paired with the people whose tastes are most compatible with your own, and thus get the most accurate advice possible.

We strive to make Criticker an open system. Although the calculations behind the TCI might only be interesting to a small group of geeks people, we make it available. You can see exactly why a certain user is in your top 10, or why a particular title was recommended. If you want, you can sit there with a pen and paper and do the math yourself (geek heaven!) Also, we're honest: Criticker will never push anything upon you -- if the math predicts that you'll hate a new blockbuster, that's what we'll tell you!

Want to know anything else? Please feel free to send us a message, and we'll answer as soon as we can.