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Community Policy

You're here on Criticker because you love rating and reviewing films, TV shows and games and getting awesomely accurate recommendations. This website doesn't work without the opinions and input of you, the community, so that's why it's so important that we set out a clear Community Policy.

Criticker is a place that encourages the expression of strong opinions and debate about films, TV shows and games in a space that is welcoming to all users. All we ask is that your contributions add value and are respectful to the community.

Every single member of Criticker has unique experiences, backgrounds, and points of view. And of course we all have different tastes and opinions in films, TV shows and games. Disagreeing with another member's opinions is totally fine, but attacking another member for these opinions is not.

Hate has no place here on Criticker. Criticker reserves the right to remove any content that promotes, engages in or incites hate and discrimination against any age, disability, sex, gender identity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, any other protected personal attributes, or any other groups that should be free from harm or discrimination. This may be through offensive, explicit or unlawful content, both direct or implicit (through coded language or symbols), as well as any content that can be classed as misinformation. This Community Policy is not intended to quash creative debates and expressions of opinions. But some things will not stand.

Spam content is not allowed and will be removed by Criticker. It is also not permitted to use Criticker to misrepresent your identity for nefarious or self-promotional reasons.

Criticker encourages members to add unique and valuable content to the site as much as possible, but please don't plagiarize. If you quote or reference anything, include your sources.

This community is built on trust that all members write reviews and rate movies based on their own thoughts and opinions. Attempting to artificially influence the reputation of a film, TV show or game, whether positively or negatively, by using a Criticker account to rate and review a title is not allowed.

Criticker has a dedicated email address to report content that goes against this Community Policy. Rather than engaging with members that choose to post offensive content, please flag the issue with Criticker and allow us to take the next steps.

It is at the sole discretion of Criticker to remove any content without warning or backup. Criticker reserves the right to delete member accounts which we deem to go against the Community Policy. By having a member account with Criticker you agree to follow this Policy.

All content posted on Criticker is the subjective opinions of each individual member and not that of Criticker.

This Community Policy is a living document. Behind the scenes of Criticker is a small group of humans taking time to moderate content, respond to reports and keep up to date with the ever-evolving nature of language, terms and opinions that may need to be addressed within this Community Policy.