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Location: Canada

Age: 34

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Anything 51 and up is a recommendation, meaning you aren't wasting your time seeing it. Anything between 51-79 ranges from mediocre to very good. Anything 80+ is what I call a "Great Movie" and it's a must-see and is awesome to various degrees. Anything that's a 50 is something that I'm a fence sitter on (meaning I'm too useless to actually be able to make up my god damn mind) so it could go either way. 49 and under means you should avoid. Under 10 means I was probably raped by the movie or, at the very least, fondled. Despite the effort I've put into explaining my rating system, numbers are fairly often chosen at random (well, maybe my gut feeling) so I might actually like a movie I rated 75 more than an 85, I just really can't be bothered to go back and constantly re-do my ratings.
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75 38% Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 (2018) - Aug 10, 2019
"Just fun side-scrolling shoot 'em up action with a lot of enemies to shoot. It's fun in all ways but doesn't do anything exceptionally well. Still, all of the elements come together as a nice package so I'd consider this "very good.""
35 4% The Escapists 2 (2017) - Aug 10, 2019
"Maybe I'm missing something here but it's just not that fun. The processes that you have to go through are incredibly tedious and wears out their welcome really fast. The first prison I played I made some good memories in co-op, but the multiplayer feels useless in general. "
60 15% Kill la Kill the Game: IF (2019) - Jul 26, 2019
"Love the show, love seeing these characters and hearing the music. But it's a simple fighter that gets repetitive (even if at first it seems cool). The cutscenes are a retelling/remix but having seen the show it's not that interesting. They are done well, however. A few game modes that are simple, and an attempt to mix up the story mode with different types of fights, but it's not substantial. "
85 64% Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (2019) - Jun 27, 2019
"Not even a fan of Symphony of the Night but I really enjoy this. There's a good amount of loot, depth and action, plus the music is really cool. Story is hit-or-miss, the beginning took way too long to get to the point."
55 11% Devolver Bootleg (2019) - Jun 16, 2019
"Eh, it gets old really quick. It's a fun little novelty and the idea of it (and how it was announced) is amazing. In a way I'm glad it exists, even though ultimately it was kind of a waste of my money. It's neat seeing how they bootlegged their own games, and some of them work. But because of this most of them lack the depth and excitement, even if some have been devolved in cool ways."
70 28% Stardew Valley (2016) - Jun 16, 2019
70 28% Splitgate: Arena Warfare (2019) - Jun 16, 2019
"I enjoy it, but I don't think the maps are that incredible. They're decent all around but not memorable. The portal element adds a lot of tactical depth and is easily the best part. Aside from that, things look and feel generic and the jetpack is lame (and I love jetpacks). It's nice to just have a Halo-type shooter with a neat gimmick. It's also important to note that there isn't going to be a player base soon since it's dying, unless something magical happens."
65 20% Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo (2004) - May 26, 2019
"The camera system tries its hardest to drown this game, and maybe back in 2004 I would have been more forgiving. The combat doesn't feel as smooth as it could have, and the storytelling goes on forever. It's a good story but the way they tell it can just be a little excessive. I do love the idea of it, I'm a little disappointed by the game as a whole. Wish I could have been there upon release because some of it just hasn't aged well."
80 50% Baba Is You (2019) - May 26, 2019
"Not a puzzle fan in general but I really like this one. The concept is novel, very interesting, and they stretch it about as far as it can go but it never gets boring. It's a testament to the developers that they managed to take something like this and make it work as admirably as they did, always putting a spin on their simple idea. It's also quite a cute little game despite the art style. "
70 28% Feudal Alloy (2019) - May 26, 2019
"It's quirky and has pretty graphics. It's entertaining without being especially memorable (though I'd still consider it a legitimately GOOD game). The combat feels a little wonky but there's a fair bit to explore here, secrets and loot to find. The UI is a little annoying."