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65 9% Lone Survivor (2012) - Rated 04 Jan 2024
"Dropped. I remembered the cheesy smile. Not a big fan of ultra pixelated grafix. The music is really atmospheric. I like the looting and gradual improvement of the base. Expert mode is unplayable. Can't access the map, which is a necessity in this game. Since the map layout is 3d, but the game is in 2d. Making traversing perspective confusing. Give up in basement w/ darkness, flashlight burns fast, weapon is limited, lots of enemies and dead ends = blindly circling around. Frustratingly unfun."
85 74% Signalis (2022) - Rated 01 Jan 2024
"Good ambience and music. The generic cute anime art style has a conflicting contrast to the horror genre. Most area was decent. But the 2nd last area is phenomenon (Heckin creepy and uneasy vibe w/ no map). The flashbacks cutscenes are too dramatic and overkill. Terrible decision by the dev after "completing the game". Probably majority of players didn't continue (me included). Only noticed it, after I searched for the endings on YouTube."
65 9% Owlboy (2018) - Rated 20 Dec 2023
"The pixel art is gorgeous. Incredibly detailed. The boss fights animation is great. But the movement and gameplay is bad and unintuitive. Spam dash is pretty fun. The companion system is a pain in the ass to deal with. Camera's too zoomed in... funny thing is there's some part it's zoomed out and feels way better. The writing is pretty bad. Very basic. No depth at all. Hate the 3rd dungeon. Omega annoying stage and boss fight. Felt tedious to continue so stopped playing."
85 74% The Exit 8 (2023) - Rated 06 Dec 2023
"spot the difference but for adults."
72 22% The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures (2015) - Rated 25 Nov 2023
"Man the first case is so long... it over stay its welcome, but it's funny & ridiculous at the same time. I like the detective deduction game, but don't really like that it's essentially a replay 2x of the same thing. Jurors are a joke. Very disappointed with the later cases. The writing feels redundant like a TV show... to extend each episode to reach the 1 hr mark or youtube video 10 min mark. ep 2>1>3>5>4. Kazuma too good for this game. Shout out to hosonaga bro"
65 9% Master Detective Archives: Rain Code (2023) - Rated 25 Nov 2023
"Dropped. Intriguing world & good character art. shinigami is really annoying. The mystery labyrinth feels like an dumb test/game show: full of overly dramatic quizzes, showy but unrealistic logic, lackluster opponent, and lots of cringey moments. The cross examination also suck: rush countdown + actions (dodging, attacking, selecting) + reading (understanding, decision making) = all at once, overwhelming and unintuitively unfun. Hate the barrel puzzle game. At least kokohead is funny"
85 74% The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (2002) - Rated 16 Nov 2023
"Love link's expression in this game. First town is great. Don't like the wind directions mechanic, and the long & open empty ocean. The swift sail is a must in auction. I like the some of the intuitive tutorial, but if it's unintuitive, I hate it. Don't like the forest theme dungeons. Bosses are easy. Don't like babysitting and looking for 8 things. This gannondorf is funny. Funny MVP. 83-85."
84 67% Higurashi When They Cry (2010) - Rated 14 Nov 2023
"The characters and voice acting is fantastic. The silly friendly interactions in the beginning is ridiculously fun and wholesome to read. But later on, the silly scenarios goes too overboard and is straight up bad. I don't like that sometimes there's a long ass monologue w/ excessive details, which destroys pacing and mystery. And I don't like when out of nowhere, a character relationship suddenly turn 180. 8.5-8.9-9-7-9-7.8-7.6-7.5; last episode feels like a fan fiction. 84-87."
83 63% Super Junkoid (2023) - Rated 05 Nov 2023
"This is primarily a reskinned of Super Metroid. The enemies & bosses are resprite. But the levels & art are new. Where it shines is the creepy atmosphere later on at certain levels and music. Though I was a bit bored by it's tame nature at the start & at varies time. This game reminds me of Yume Nikki. Wall jump is required. Early water levels suck. Don't like the blue light sfx. There are some minor changes to abilities. Story is told through by intro opening and 3 panel art... so non-existent."
91 94% Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (2007) - Rated 01 Nov 2023
"PrimeHack w/ HD interface texture. Great start. Everything is reworked. Interactable NPCs. Streamlined scanning & map. Everything is more satisfying to destroy. Explicit directions w/ objectives & highlighting points of interest. Everything seems polished with attention to detail. Checkpoints! Elysia environment & music is superb. Hypermode could've been a better mechanic. Missiles hitbox 50% doesn't work. Hate collecting that one energy cell & the late game orb enemy. 91-93. still prefer 2d."