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Member Since: Oct 1, 2020

Location: Russia

100 ну вы сами знаете
85 я рад, что это существует; рекомендуйте мне такое
80 я люблю, но там есть очевидные минусы, рекомендуйте мне такое
75 ощущения в памяти хорошие, а играть не хочется
60 это могло быть чем-то, что надо было мне советовать, но проблемы с тоном всё испортили
50 это могло быть чем-то, что надо было мне советовать, но проблемы с исполнением всё испортили
40 хорошая игра с точки зрения "мира", я не хочу, чтоб такую рекомендовали
35 ок игра с точки зрения "мира", я не хочу, чтоб такую рекомендовали
20 лучше ныть, чем в это играть, и похожие игры мне не нравятся
10 пародия и тень либо личная вендетта

more Recent Ratings

60 24% Tekken (1994) - Jul 14, 2022
"Of course it's historic, but I wouldn't really play that now. :)"
50 18% Mario Tennis: Power Tour (2005) - Jun 30, 2022
"It almost hurts to rate a game with such beautiful art that low. Also, it plays quite well... I'm ultimately not the target audience. It's dull, it's boring, the story is a slog delivered by a bunch of clichés that I'm not a sucker for. So in the end, I wouldn't want to play this. But it looks gorgeous even on a big screen. Fantastic art."
65 27% FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (1997) - Jun 09, 2022
"I was excited to play it back in the day and it has a killer soundtrack, but I don't think that I would enjoy it now, or that I would want to play a game like this at all."
80 50% Disney's Aladdin (1993) - Jun 08, 2022
"It is REALLY unfair to bunch all of these games from platforms together. REALLY unfair. Genesis and SNES/NES are super-duper different, literally different games with different ideas, mechanics, levels, difficulty, even skills required. However, all three seem to be solid, a bit tedious, quite a bit hard."
89 66% Gain Ground (1988) - Jun 08, 2022
65 27% Final Doom (1996) - Jun 07, 2022
"It's a Doom game."
92 77% Bust a Groove 2 (1999) - Jun 06, 2022
"It's an interesting difference between that and the first game, a lot of game-related things could be a matter of taste and opinion, but I'm really sure that they've tightened sync up, and that matters a lot to me. Now you can (almost) reliably play it and know that if you screw up, it's on you. Mostly, the game changed for the better. Larger difficulty range, more things to unlock (some in pretty vague and ridiculous ways, a sign of times), less repetitive gameplay where possible. I like it"
88 64% Bust a Groove (1998) - Jun 06, 2022
95 87% Slap Happy Rhythm Busters (2000) - Jun 05, 2022
"Beautiful style, very self-conscious game, nice underground techno soundtrack that doesn't sound "samey" to me and very interesting premise. The downsides are: demanding CPU opponents, for someone who's not deep enough into Street Fighter-likes: AI punishes at will, everyone uses supers all the time, so if you're not on point, seems like you won't pass the default difficulty. Rhythm gaming part I also think might be real hard for most people. I thoroughly enjoyed it though."
15 4% Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft (1998) - Jun 03, 2022
"Nice gfx for the time, but awful game concessions persist: you gotta take pleasure in dying on spikes, drowning in a creek, drowning in a swamp numerous times and looking for a tiny black switch that looks like another straight line in a texture. No."