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80 80% Dungeon Keeper (1997) - Rated 22 Apr 2024
"Played in 2022. On mission 17 I realised how the the Transfer Creature dungeon special worked and I discovered the hi-res mode. Up until then I played with the old '97 graphics. Didn't ruing my experience, but it could have been so much better. A very addicting strategy game. Some levels I found to be very difficult, before I grasped some game concepts. A lot of fun. On to Deeper Dungeons now."
85 86% Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! (2021) - Rated 28 Feb 2024
"/2024. The meta treatise, the original breaking of the fourth wall via unconventional methods, the playing with genre conventions, the ingenious use of poetry and literary tropes and figures, make this a unique experience like no other. DO NOT get any spoilers before playing. But be warned: the game is shocking in its treating of topics such as depression, loneliness, emotional pain. The 7 Side Stories are immensely rich in showing beauty, humane treatment of others and psychological advice."
75 68% Stargunner (1996) - Rated 19 Feb 2024
"Played in 2024. Wow, that was a hard game. If I wasn't saving and loading 4-5 times during each level I would never have finished it. At the Easy setting, at that. However the game is very rewarding. The feeling of annihilating the enemy ships with the Plasm weapon is awesome. The ship upgrades are pretty neat too and add to some versatility and additional strategy making. The best strategy I could find was certainly getting the best weapons in the game. Lots of fun. About 5-6 hours of gameplay."
40 1% Carmageddon (1997) - Rated 15 Feb 2024
"Played in 2024. Was fun the first few races. Then it started rapidly becoming very annoying. It would have been better if there wasn't that much grind needed in order to progress to the higher levels. The level in the mine was far too annoying too, which pushed me to delete this."
60 20% Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali (1999) - Rated 15 Jan 2024
"Played in 2024. Decent mission pack expansion to the original Unreal. The level design is neither as intricate nor as enticing as in the main game, but it's still fun. About 1/4 of the length of Unreal. Fun, straightforward, good amount of action, easier than the main game."
75 68% Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (2005) - Rated 21 Aug 2023
75 68% Super Mario 64 (1996) - Rated 21 Aug 2023
70 54% International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (1995) - Rated 21 Aug 2023
65 39% Ghouls 'n Ghosts (1988) - Rated 21 Aug 2023
65 39% The Addams Family (1992) - Rated 21 Aug 2023