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38 6% Dragon Age: Inquisition (2014) - Rated 09 Dec 2022
"One of the most boring games that I've ever played. Can only recommend this to someone who thinks that MMO questing and harvesting is the pinnacle of gaming."
33 3% Dragon Age 2 (2011) - Rated 04 Dec 2022
"What a disappointment, especially compared to the first game. Immersion-killing combat (endless hordes of thugs and slavers just throwing their lives away by rushing you), no meaningful impact from your choices, endless backtracking and re-use of maps, (mostly) paper-thin characters, poor writing, and meandering story. What a disappointment. Maybe I would've rated this a bit higher if I had played it ten years ago, but now...? Trash."
88 92% Buddy Simulator 1984 (2021) - Rated 21 Aug 2022
45 11% Europa Universalis IV: Art of War (2014) - Rated 21 Aug 2022
41 7% Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man (2016) - Rated 21 Aug 2022
33 3% Europa Universalis IV: Res Publica (2014) - Rated 21 Aug 2022