The 10 Most-Hated Movies of 2023

Published 02 Jan 2024

We've already shared the 20 most-loved films of 2023, did you agree with the rest of the Criticker users? Now, at the other end of the scale, let's find out what the biggest film fails of the year were. Are there any guity pleasures on this list, or misunderstood masterpieces? 

This list of the most hated movies of 2023 has it all, secret spies, dinosaurs, demonic children, and Jason Statham (twice!). 

Remember, at Criticker, we love digging into the stats. So this list isn't just the films of 2023 that have the lowest average rating, these are the ones which are rated in the bottom percentile of each user's ratings more than any others. This way, we get a list that's guaranteed to be filled with the most abhorrent cinematic offerings of the year. Go on, admit it, how many of these stinkers have you seen this year?

10. 65

Hate Percentage: 59.71%

An astronaunt is in a race against time after his ship crash lands on Earth... 65 million years ago. With a catastrophic asteroid strike approaching, he must get to his escape ship before it's too late.

"Aggressively forgettable. [...] Driver is fun to watch as he gets beat up for the entire runtime, but it isn't enough." WWallce4prez


9. Run Rabbit Run

Hate Percentage: 60%

The lines of life and death become consfused for a woman after she notices her daughter's unsual behaviour. Succession's Sarah Snook plays the fertility doctor and mother grappling with her professional and personal beliefs.

"File this under the genre of 'screeching children'." SpookyMask


8. Five Nights at Freddy's

Hate Percentage: 60.11%

This tween horror is based on the popular game. Surviving the night shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria becomes an increasingly difficult challenge for a new security guard on the job. 

"Lazy, and riding on a brand name. Loud noises do not constitute horror." LordInateur


7. Hypnotic

Hate Percentage: 60.33%

This 90-minute action flick stars Ben Affleck as a detective who falls deeper and deeper into the secret world of mind-control criminals, including the one that's kidnapped his daughter. 

"In spite of the absolutely ridiculous script (or, rather, actually because of it), this was strangely watchable." KasperL


6. Heart of Stone

Hate Percentage: 60.47%

Netflix is keen to get in on the action movie mega-franchise game and compete with the Ethan Hunts of the film world. This film introduces Gal Gadot as she plays a techy spy who must stop a hacker with a dangerous weapon.

"It doesn't hit the heights that truly great action movies do because it doesn't have the heart or the inspired action sequences." Obdurate


5. Ghosted

Hate Percentage: 64.83%

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas play Cole and Sadie, a new couple who are really hitting it off, until he finds out that she's a secret agent, that is. Action and explosions ensue in various locales, but will they get to have a second date?

"Vacuous, cliche-ridden, poorly acted. There's something in here to be enjoyed, but they handle it so poorly." CAPPLIES


4. The Exorcist: Believer

Hate Percentage: 66.38%

Two young girls go missing in the woods and are only found a few days later. Relief turns to horror as the girls start to show worrying signs that call for priests to intervene. It's all too familiar for Chris MacNeil who experienced the same thing with her daughter 50 years ago.

"I mean god forbid but even if the devil himself possessed me for 2 hours, I probably would have had a better time." Mire


3. The Out-laws

Hate Percentage: 69.09%

As a couple are getting ready for their wedding week, Owen, a sensible bank manager, is held up in a robbery at work by infamous criminals the Out-laws. At the same time, his fiancée's parents have arrived in town. Are these in-laws really who they say they are?

"This is... this is bad. Don't watch it." Exirel


2. Meg 2: The Trench

Hate Percentage: 73.97%

Jason Statham returns to the treacherous oceans in this sequel. He joins a research team exploring an underwater trench that may be holding valuable natural resources, but also some prehistoric beasts.

"Too bad no large prehistoric creatures devoured me before watching this film." AlienDrool


1. Expend4bles

Hate Percentage: 79.69%

It's a fourth mission for this rag-tag bunch of fighting machines, and 50 Cent has joined the crew. Civilisation is on the brink of World War III and the Expendables are the only team who can stop someone from pulling the trigger on a cache of stolen nulear warheads.

"Why?" N1k0o8