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Antonio P

Game Addict - 506 Game Ratings

Member Since: Oct 20, 2019

Location: Canada

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40 34% Sonic Forces (2017) - Nov 26, 2021
"Not that good. You can create a male or female character in this. You'll play some levels with that created character, Modern Sonic & Classic Sonic. The controls are bad for this game. You'll die because you won't know where to land. Game is pretty easy as the levels are not that hard. The Last boss Eggman is really annoying & he has 3 parts to him to beat. You can't become Super Sonic in this game which sucks. "
60 60% Atari Flashback Classic Vol 1 (2016) - Nov 16, 2021
"Pretty good. It has most of the Atari arcade games for this. I loved Atari games back in the day. If you are a huge Atari old school fan, I recommend for you to get this. "
20 12% Hyrule Warriors (2014) - Nov 16, 2021
"This game is trash. I ran around killing bad guys like I am playing Lord of The rings and that was it. They don't give you a map, they don't progress you fwd after you beaten all the enemies. I am running around everywhere to a dead end. Reading small text is required. I don't understand why I need to read when I play these new gen games. Just trash. They don't know how to make majority of games anymore. "
40 34% Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom (2018) - Nov 08, 2021
"Ok game. To many things where there is a puzzle elements in this game from going to point A to point B. The game itself is pretty good. You are turned into a pig in this game. You have to become human again. Same storyline plot from part 3. Again this game is really long, not as fun because you are trying to solve things like 90% of the time in this game. "
20 12% Gi Joe Operation Blackout (2020) - Nov 08, 2021
"Crap game. Controls are terrible. You have 4 difficulty setting from easy to hardest. I was dying a lot on the easiest setting. You control both Cobra & Gi Joe. You do objectives throughout this whole game. This game isn't fun. I wouldn't recommend it."
20 12% Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 (2019) - Nov 08, 2021
"Game is trash. I managed to do 2 events. However again this is not an adventure game. I just want to play the said matches vs opponents. Too much reading. You can't skip anything. It takes a while just for them to stop texting on the paragraphs. "
80 86% Mario Party Superstars (2021) - Nov 08, 2021
"This is a very good Mario Party game. You can play single player, couch vs & also online up to 4 players. The game features 5 classic boards. The best mini games from Mario Party 1-7. While the game is very good. It still falls short to Mario party 4 on the Game Cube. "
20 12% Mario Party 9 (2012) - Nov 08, 2021
"This one is garbage. I don't like the fact that you are all in 1 Hover board occupying the same space. They tried a new idea & then quickly realized this was an epic failure. "
1% Mario Tennis Aces (2018) - Nov 08, 2021
"This is the worst Mario Tennis I have ever played. I just want to have matches with said people and beat them. Instead it's this huge storyline that I am not even interested in & you have to read a lot in this game. Do things Precisely. I am sick &b tired of these type of games. It says Tennis so let me play Tennis. I don't know why they make games like this. "
20 12% Spy Hunter (1983) - Oct 26, 2021
"This is exactly like Action Fighter for the Sega Master system. You go into trucks and get a better weapon. Timer goes down so you can die as many times as you want until it reaches 0. Once at 0 it's game over. way too hard. cars bash you off the road etc. I didn't get far at all in this game. 0 Continues so you'll start from the start each time you game over. "