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Antonio P

Game Freak - 481 Game Ratings

Member Since: Oct 20, 2019

Location: Canada

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1% Gran Turismo 2 (1999) - Mar 26, 2021
"This is the worst racing game I have played. It's like Part 1 but the menu's are more complicated to just choose races you want to race in. "
20 11% Gran Turismo (1998) - Mar 26, 2021
"Basically 3 different licenses on this game which you have to aquire to do the main racing events in this game. Each license contains 8 courses each. To get a license you have to get a bronze..It's really hard to get all bronze in this game even though it's the minimum requirment. Then you got to farm enough money to buy cars that will just be enough to race the other cars. This sucks because you just want to race the main races in this game. Just getting licenses is really hard. "
40 33% Resident Evil 2 (2019) - Dec 15, 2020
"This game is ok. To many things that make it not good. Over the Shoulder camera angles are terrible, Knife breaks and Mr. X chases you for the most part in this game. The only thing I liked in this game was the map system that tells you that you got everything in a room and what items are in there. Also there are missions with Ada & Sherry. That gets a 0 as playing with them was not fun at all. Puzzles that are too difficult. Mr. X a real annoyance in this game. "
60 60% Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (2020) - Dec 15, 2020
"This is a good Crash game if you are just playing this game to beat the story. Otherwise if you are trying to 100% everything this game is awful for doing that. It's getting this score because the difficulty mid way through this game to the end is really hard and unfair. Once you beat this you don't want to replay this ever again. Crash 2 is the best one in this series. "
60 60% Streets of Rage 4 (2020) - Nov 06, 2020
"This is a good game. I wouldn't say this is trash but at the same time it's not great. Too many things in this game that are annoying from the enemies, bosses and characters you take in this game. Music is straight up garbage in this and even when you pick the retro music they didn't put the full music in it and did a poor job. You can play 4 players which is a plus. Other than that for gameplay, stick to Streets of Rage 2 as it is a lot better. "
40 33% Operation Wolf (1987) - Oct 21, 2020
"Ok Gun game...Rating the SMS version. You can use a light phaser or controller.A lot better to use the controller in this as you can set up the speed of fire and throw grenades. 6 levels in this, not that easy as you will run out of bullets and grenades throughout the levels. You'll have 1 continue sometimes 2 as you game over. Again the limited continues in these 8 bit games hurt it from being a great game. "
100 99% Alex Kidd in Miracle World (1986) - Oct 11, 2020
"This is the best Alex Kidd game I've ever played. If you've never played this game, this might be the most impossible game as it's a game you really have to practice and know what items are to truly beat this. I beat this swimming through the spikes..Which was a huge negative in this. Then I discovered you can skip that section and go on a altenative route. Rock, Scissor & paper bosses which is the same pattern all the time..This is a really short game. "
20 11% Altered Beast (1989) - Sep 29, 2020
"This version is straight up garbage. While the graphics do look ok I would say and I give them credit for them having a voice over of power up. This is so much better on the Sega Genesis because this has terrible controls and gameplay. I went to the last level in this. Kept in dying because it's really that hard with the limited lives and continues even if you look up codes for this game it's still limited. "
40 33% The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1991) - Sep 28, 2020
"Yeah this is an ok game. I don't have a problem with the over head world and the gameplay of the character...My problem in this game is the map and a lack of focus of direction, things being difficult to find because it's simply not marked on the map to make it easier..If they had that I would give this game a lot higher."
1% Cribbage (1630) - Jul 24, 2020
"This game is straight up, pure garbage. Basically it's played with 2 players. Each player has 2 pegs..Whatever cards are dealt to you, you try to make combinations of 15, pairs and runs. Then the little pegs jump fwd from one another...Pure nonsense. This is a game for old folks as they like to sit down and do nothing. Game is the worst I have ever played for a card game. Abosolute trash. "