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Antonio P

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Member Since: Oct 20, 2019

Location: Canada

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60 57% sports talk football (1991) - Feb 17, 2020
"This is also a horizontal one. This one has play books to choose your offensive plays and defensive plays. The kicking in this is the easiest as it shows a horizontal bar having a little marker going from life to left and a 2 button tap. Passing in this game is rather easy and the running as well. This one seemed to play smoother. Again the computer intercepts way too much in this one also. "
40 32% Tecmo Super Bowl (1993) - Feb 17, 2020
"This one it's horizontal. The kicking is rather easy in this as the arrow goes up and down and you press the button when it's centered. Playbook really simple as their are only 4 running and passing plays. mini map on the bottom telling you where you are on the field. Again like the madden it seems that there are to many interceptions in this game. "
40 32% Madden NFL 94 (1993) - Feb 17, 2020
"This one was ok. The kicking in this one is simple as you hit once for the bar meter and then again when the bar is to the top for field goal kicks and punts. It has a play book of plays and the passing is simple also the running in this game. Only problem with this game is that they seem to intercept your passes way too often in this. Lack of running with your guy who has the ball. "
20 11% NFL 95 (1994) - Feb 16, 2020
"This is one of the worst football games I have played. It seems you can only run in this. As the passing is too difficult and so many interceptions in this game which makes this unrealistic. Also another huge problem is kicking in this game. Punting, Kickoff and field goal kicks. Impossible to pull off as you have this circle meter where the thing goes way too fast. You screw up all the time. Punting and field goals are a important aspect in football."
80 84% Rambo: First Blood Part 2 (1986) - Feb 15, 2020
"This was a gift for my brother, the same year I got Wonder Boy for Christmas. Back in the day you had to share consoles as you only got the 1 console. Unlike now every kid gets their own with their own t.v. I really liked this game. It's a vertical shooting game. I beat this game just once as it was hard as a kid, with limited continues. "
80 84% Wonder Boy (1987) - Feb 14, 2020
"This is one of the best games I have ever played on the Master system. I played the arcade version at a local bar. I didn't get this game on release as nobody did because back then you didn't know releases of games. I got this game a year later in 1988. I remember just loving this game. I would compare and brag that it was better than Super Mario Bros at the time. You shoot an ax and ride a skateboard in this as you save your girlfriend. Unlimited continues in this. "
40 32% Rock Band 4 (2015) - Feb 14, 2020
"Not going to totally trash this game, but it is a game for casuals. It's mainly Karaoke but now in a video game form. So basically you listen to songs and play with a guitar, drums or microphone. Usually you play this with a guitar. Notes come down the screen and when they get into your little stars on screen you press the respective color button on your guitar. Again this is targeted for casuals. "
20 11% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare (2005) - Feb 14, 2020
"This game is awful...Terrible controls. 3D which I don't like.. Fighting bosses in this was super annoying in this not fun at all. I bought this game because it had the Turtles in time in this. That was disappointing because all the music was left out so they had this music's game. "
20 11% World Series Baseball (1994) - Feb 14, 2020
"This is trash. The batting in this game is right up to your face unlike the other ones where it's more in away from you and you can control the batter going left to right, up to down. This one you can't. 3 different options to hit from bunt, contact to power hit. Then after you select 1 of those you press the hit button to hit the ball. Too complicated do not need those options to hit before hand then hit. Hitting the ball in this is really hard as the controls in this game are terrible"
80 84% Sports talk baseball (1992) - Feb 14, 2020
"Best Baseball game I ever played. I believe this is their first baseball game on the Genesis that had the announcer talking. Also this is the first one I played with auto fielding which is really important in baseball games because trying to catch the ball on your own is really hard to do in baseball games. Health stamina meter is shown for pitchers. Only thing I don't like about this game is that the pitchers seem to get tired really fast in this. "