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78 74% Crypt of the NecroDancer (2016) - Jul 18, 2020
"Novel and challenging mechanics; as someone with a poor sense of rhythm, it took me a long time to get even remotely decent with them. Overall it's a bit too fast paced for my liking; taking a moment to think can really screw you over. Sadly, most of the extra characters seem absurdly difficult and don't appeal to me at all. I just did story playthroughs with Cadence and Melody before uninstalling. "
86 93% Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (2005) - Jul 12, 2020
"Really enjoyable tactical gameplay and surprisingly decent writing. Playing on an emulator let me speed up all the combat animations, which was extremely helpful."
82 84% Persona 2: Innocent Sin (1999) - Jun 28, 2020
"The gameplay in the first ~30 hours was outrageously easy (the PSP version nerfs enemy stats for some reason), the dungeon design is a bit too simplistic, and the UI is inadequate for the complexities of the fusion system, but the overall experience was still very enjoyable. The writing is surprisingly charming, and I really liked the art style with its combination of cartoonishly animated sprites and detailed 3D environments."
86 93% Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (2003) - Jun 12, 2020
"Great audiovisual design and solid storytelling combine with addictive gameplay. A bit less grinding and less RNG time-wasting in the fusion system would have pushed this up even further."
90 96% Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (2015) - May 26, 2020
"My favourite Souls game so far, distinctly better than Demons and DS1. I liked the level design and the difficulty felt just right, with some pretty hard optional bosses (the two snow pets took me several hours). I liked the ambush-oriented enemy placement. My main problems were the two final bosses (two of the easiest fights in the game) coupled with a fairly limp main story. The whole Aldis thing felt perfunctory and was obviously tacked on. Oh, and Frigid Outskirts really needed a bonfire."
77 71% Nioh (2017) - Apr 30, 2020
"The combat mechanics are fun and the level design is usually quite interesting. The main problem is that the game is waaaaaay too long for its own good, and there's not enough enemy variety to stave off the creeping sense of ennui. The story is basically non-existant, which is probably for the better. And the Diablo-inspired loot system can just sod the heck off. "
84 90% Nier (2010) - Mar 31, 2020
"Great storytelling, but getting the different endings is quite repetitive. I think I actually preferred the smaller game world over the sprawling expanses of Nier: Automata (which I played first and liked less)."
85 91% Demon's Souls (2009) - Mar 12, 2020
"I played Demon's Souls after Dark Souls and was surprised to find that I enjoyed this game more. The bosses are wonderfully varied and interesting, the level design is mostly very elegant (5-2, I hate you), and there are some beautifully atmospheric moments."
75 64% Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World (1988) - Oct 26, 2019
"Much worse than the first game. The area design feels less interesting, the encounter density is much higher - to the point of tedium -, and some of the design is super trolly (the final puzzle being a prime example). The first game felt almost perfectly paced for my playstyle, granting me the final tier of spells just when I finished the game. By contrast, MM2 is much longer, more repetitive, and replaces the steady stream of cool new spells with a slower, more numbers driven progression. Ew."
84 90% The Dark Queen of Krynn (1992) - Sep 27, 2019
"The 11th Gold Box game, and the final one I played. I think this is the best game in the series by a narrow margin; Pool of Radiance is better paced and has mercifully few random encounters, but DQoK has greater enemy variety, more complex area design, and a wider range of useful spells. And while it does have areas with unlimited random encounters, they're not nearly as annoying as in Pools of Darkness. I also think it's the best written Gold Box game, but that doesn't mean all that much."