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6% Evergrace (2000) - Jun 26, 2020
"This game was painfully dated 20 years ago, now it's an unintentional comedy gold mine, especially the music."
16% Disney's Hercules (1997) - Jun 22, 2020
"The very first game I ever played, unfortunately it hasn't aged well at all. The music and graphics are nice, but the poor physics, clunky controls, awful hit detection and nonsensical save system ruin it."
29% Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen (2011) - May 31, 2020
"Just a rehash of the PS2 game, but with a much lamer story and characters."
29% Tenchu Z (2006) - May 30, 2020
"Pretty barebones and repetitive stealth game. Not bad but nothing special either."
44% MediEvil (2019) - May 26, 2020
"A shot-for-shot remake, and an obvious low-budget effort. While the devs did a fine job preserving the charm and humour of the original, the music and atmosphere are severely watered down, and the controls somehow feel even more slippery and loose. It boasts a much higher challenge level as well as new side quests, but there's otherwise no reason to recommend it over the PS1 version."
62% Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020) - May 20, 2020
"A different kind of remake than what most people were expecting. The parts that were faithful to the original were really well done and the character portrayals and interactions were on point, but the further it deviated from the original story the more I disliked it, especially the controversial ending. Also has severe pacing issues due to being a 5 hour portion of the original stretched to over 30 hours. Still, the gameplay is solid and I enjoyed it overall except for the padding and ending."
84% Soul Edge (1995) - Mar 07, 2020
16% Siren: Blood Curse (2008) - Jan 30, 2020
"Typical Americanized remake of a Japanese horror classic, except made in Japan."
9% Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (2008) - Jan 16, 2020
"They took a series known for its free-form, open-ended stealth gameplay and stripped it down to the most barebones, dumbed-down, linear corridor affair imaginable. The combat was always the worst part of any Tenchu game and reaches its nadir here with gimmicky wagglan controls. And, of course, no camera control whatsoever. Even the music was terrible. Not hard to see why the series died after this game, but it's sad to see a once iconic series go out with such a pathetic whimper."
44% Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (2004) - Jan 15, 2020
"Basically glorified DLC for Wrath of Heaven."