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80 72% Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001) - Mar 23, 2021
"Menu-driven murder-mystery adventure games are one of the most venerable fixtures of the Japanese video game scene that just don't leave their home shores much. This series happened upon a uniquely colorful take on things that helped engage a global audience, even if it's really a very linear experience that mostly relies on reading everything closely for obvious nudging."
90 91% Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (2005) - Mar 15, 2021
"An entry that really embraces the engrossingly convoluted variety of power and equipment, some more useful than others, that makes up the latter Castlevania formula. The variety of reasons to just keep on grinding for one more soul to get a new power, or strengthen an existing one, or make a new, more overpowered weapon, really makes you want to keep at it. Absurdly gimmicky little touchscreen integrations notwithstanding (it was early in the DS lifecycle, after all), a great iteration."
73 60% X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005) - Feb 23, 2021
"Maybe a bit more of a "jump in and get to dungeon crawling" sort of sequel, for better or worse. It is fun combat, if an awful lot of it. The welcome variety in how you can build up and play the different individual characters is a nice addition to the already wide range of characters to choose from."
56 30% Fahrenheit (2005) - Feb 21, 2021
"There was something to the whole "supernatural murder mystery where you're both the killer and the cops working against each other, and neither can make sense of things" angle. I don't really mind that it's not as interactive as it would have you think. Still, between the loopy juvenile fever dream of a script, the laughable attempts at "sexiness", and the unending barrage of trivial QTEs for moments big and small, it's ultimately a goofy package of David Cage's most embarrassing tendencies."
94 94% We Love Katamari (2005) - Feb 16, 2021
"Plenty more of everything great about the original. Arguably a tad easier. If you want more opportunity to roll around picking up everything in that odd, charming world to another fine soundtrack, this delivers just that."
44 19% Donkey Kong 3 (1983) - Feb 14, 2021
"Undeniably a unique game, which plays nothing like the rest of the series, or shooters before or since. It's all a bit too frantic keeping Kong, the bugs you need to shoot, the worms you don't want to stun and get in your way, and the other miscellaneous things you need to dodge in mind at once while awkwardly hopping around. Those on the home version may feel smug for a bit if they have an autofire controller, though."
37 10% Hogan's Alley (1984) - Feb 14, 2021
"The light gun game from this batch with the "gallery shooter" feel, gameplay-wise. Impressively big and colorful presentation for the time, but still a simple novelty at heart."
41 15% Wild Gunman (1985) - Feb 10, 2021
"A simple reflex test in colorful dressing."
57 31% Fantastic 4 (2005) - Feb 07, 2021
"A fun enough beat-em-up that delivers the spectacle and wide variety of flashy powers you'd hope for, even if it can be a little rough around the edges at times. It feels free to go for some more classic situations and foes not in the movie, and delivers them with plenty of big set pieces. If only the camera weren't so awful, or it weren't so easy for friend or foe to wind up pinned in awkward, jittery little damage loops, or interaction points didn't need you lined up *just so*, etc."
41 15% Tennis (1984) - Feb 07, 2021
"More fun than some of the other early sports games on the system, at least. The shadow and changing size of the ball to give a sense of perspective was nifty for the time."