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60 49% Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (2021) - Sep 14, 2021
"I don't think I would have ever paid for this, but as one of the monthly free PS-Plus games, it's a good bit of fun. It took me back to playing older iterations of this series in the arcade as a little kid. In my head, this series has always been indistinguishable from Tekken, another fighter I've seldom played. I appreciate that the fighting styles are marginally more realistic than other fighting games. It's kind of nice to not have fireballs and shit flying across the screen."
45 19% Twelve Minutes (2021) - Aug 29, 2021
"Tons of potential ultimately unfulfilled. The presentation is quite weak with unnatural animations, extremely outdated graphics, and a top-down perspective that feels lazy rather than artistic. For how small of a space the game is confined to, I would expect it to look better. McAvoy's performance sounds terrible due to the direction and presentation. The characters never sound like they're talking to each other, just parroting out of context sound bites that don't fit the emotion of the moment"
80 87% Her Story (2015) - Aug 27, 2021
"What a novel idea! It's not perfect, but it is really cool and certainly innovative. Because of the way that you can experience the story in any order, I accidentally stumbled onto the big plot twist almost immediately, which definitely wasn't the ideal way to experience the story and did lessen the impact of the many less substantial clips that followed. The "knocking" thing was awesome. Finished in a little over an hour. Would love to see the idea pushed further."
14 3% This is the Police 2 (2018) - Aug 24, 2021
"Some of these voice performances are seriously embarrassing, and so is all of the dialogue. The wannabe Xcom gameplay is total dogshit. The central message of the game is "cops should help each other". Fuck that fraternalistic bullshit. ACAB"
50 26% Darkest Dungeon (2016) - Aug 12, 2021
"I think I'm too dumb for this game. I have no idea what I'm doing, the interface and controls are so confusing on PS4. I have to imagine it feels nicer to control on PC. Maybe I'll give this another try one day when I'm less stupid."
75 79% Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014) - Aug 06, 2021
"I was pissed when the credits started rolling, annoyed I spent $45 on a game that only took like two hours to 100%. Luckily, the game is actually broken into 3 "episodes" with their own end credits for some reason, so the full game is quite a bit longer. I don't understand the point/appeal of the episodic approach that more and more games have been taking in recent years."
82 90% Resident Evil Village (2021) - Aug 02, 2021
"Mostly great with a pesky layer of crap on top. Ethan sucks in every regard. It's most in line with Resident Evil 4 and brings back many elements from that game that I have missed from the subsequent entries in the series, namely the treasure hunting and merchant/upgrade systems. I was excited for the attache case to return too but ended up never running out of space, so it was kind of pointless. It's best early on and devolves into schlock 2/3 through, but so does every game in this series."
72 75% Grow Home (2015) - Jul 11, 2021
"A whimsical little adventure that you can easily finish in one sitting."
45 19% The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (2014) - Jul 04, 2021
"The second game I've played in a month's time that I would not have known was supposed to be a horror game if I hadn't looked into it after the fact. While it doesn't even come close to being scary/creepy, it is at least mildly interesting and has some pretty great atmosphere. Unfortunately, I think it kind of jumps the shark almost immediately (that astronaut thing at the start was a terrible decision) and I got bored of the game long before it was over."