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Bio: The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla
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50 19% Taboo (1989) - Jul 30, 2020
"A party game I never particularly liked, but didn't hate, either. I was mostly indifferent to it. The strategy is minimal and it's heavily luck-based, especially in terms of thinking on the same wavelength as others. Connecting words together never struck me as anything especially fun, although I can understand some of the appeal. I would imagine that if one isn't into word-based games, however, that something like Scrabble would be vastly preferable."
0% Secret Hitler (2016) - Jul 30, 2020
"The blatant historical illiteracy and revisionism is disgusting. There were no "liberals" in 30's Germany; there were communists and fascists, two bloody sides of the same coin. Communism during that era led to Stalin, whose body count is comparable to Hitler's. Nevermind that there was a dime's worth of difference between Stalin and Hitler, and that they were close friends and allies until Hitler backstabbed Stalin before Stalin could backstab him. Nor was there anything unique about Hitler."
33 12% The Game of Life (1960) - Jul 30, 2020
"A strange game whose appeal always eluded me. It's too convoluted for kids, and has a bunch of game goals they find dull. (Mortgages? Retirement? I hate thinking about that as an ACTUAL adult) At the same time, it's far too simplistic and boring for adults. Ironically, despite being less cartoonish, it's worse than the earlier Monopoly in every way. A poor game that marketed itself as "family fun", but really wasn't interesting for anyone."
72 40% Jenga (1983) - Jul 30, 2020
"Surprisingly fun party game that combines strategy with physical skill. Older people definitely have a disadvantage, as well as those with huge hands and fingers, and after a game or two, it gets boring. But for the first few times at a party, this is damn exciting and dramatic, which was the entire point. A good game for what it is. "
25 7% Go Fish (1984) - Jul 30, 2020
"A game with almost no strategy, and almost entirely based on luck. Very brain-dead and dull, even when I was a kid, the supposed target audience. Nevermind that a single player being dishonest or merely careless in his responses ruins the entire affair. A lot of recently created card games meant to appeal to kids are awful, and this is no exception."
77 48% Super Bomberman 4 (1996) - Jul 30, 2020
"More of an expansion for SB3 than a unique game, with the exact same menu, graphics, power-ups, type of enemies, etc. And it has the same problems relative to SB2, with weaker, duller level sdesign. And yet, I prefer it to SB3, since the bosses are a lot better and the boss rush at the end in particular is probably the best, tense conclusion to any game in the SB series. "
74 43% Super Bomberman 3 (1995) - Jul 30, 2020
"Actually a significant step back for the franchise after the heights of Super Bomberman 2, and in some ways worse than SB1, especially given what had preceded it. Levels have been simplified, being single-screen again, and generally easier to beat, with worse level design. Bosses are fairly dull, too. It's still a reasonably fun game, and power-ups are as plentiful as ever, but the gimmick here is cute animal buddies and multiplayer, and single-player suffers for it."
84 61% Super Bomberman 2 (1994) - Jul 30, 2020
"A major improvement on the first Super Bomberman in every way. Far more complex levels, including those that scroll beyond a single screen, and more interesting, challenging bosses, some large and some small. There are far more power-ups, and they've helpfully added visual markers to tell one's max number of bombs and the bomb range. Even the level design, good in the original, is even better here, with excellent variety. A genuine classic, arguably the perfection of the Bomberman formula."
75 45% Super Bomberman (1993) - Jul 30, 2020
"The first of the Bomberman games on the SNES, and certainly the most straightforward, with a bunch of single-screen levels and some fairly simple, large bosses. The power-ups are a fraction of what they would later be, too. But you know what? It's still a fun, challenging game, with good level design, and huge satisfaction in deploying one's bombs. Definitely worth spending an afternoon or two playing. "
70 36% Alley Cat (1983) - Jul 30, 2020
"I used to love playing this on MS-DOS as a kid. It's essentially some platforming minigames with an overworld screen that likely took some inspiration from Frogger, but that was actually reasonably unique for the time, and fairly addictive. Also had a sense of humor, not an easy element to convey in a primitive game like this. Good for its time."