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Member Since: Nov 10, 2015

Location: Denmark

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45 10% L.A. Noire (2011) - May 05, 2021
"Really wanted to like this game but unfortunately I found it deeply flawed. The whole tell who’s lying by facial expressions, for me, didn’t work at all which in turn leads to a lot of going back to start over. Also marred by to much driving across L.A. without much to do. "
60 25% R.U.S.E. (2010) - May 05, 2021
"Pretty solid RTS, however story is pretty obvious. Really enjoyed the strategy bit and the chaotic battles. However the whole ruse part was for me not really used and often useless. A bit strange when that is what it sells itself on. "
70 43% Silent Hunter III (2005) - Jun 09, 2020
"Highly enjoyable sim game. However biggest complaint is that the medals and promotion system is highly flawed. "
65 33% Civilization VI (2016) - Jun 09, 2020
"Despite some new features like districts and armies it’s still the same game as civilization 4. Very repayable but still suffers from the problems that was introduced in civ 4. Some factions are still woefully underpowered in special features late in the game compared to others and the whole international diplomacy system is although slightly improved still very bad. More or less everyone denounces everyone towards the end which makes the whole system pointless. "
70 43% StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void (2015) - Jun 09, 2020
"Last fight against Amon was a bid of a dud, and personally did like where the story went. But it’s still Starcraft "
65 33% Yahtzee (1956) - Dec 20, 2018
65 33% The X-Files Game (1998) - Dec 20, 2018
30 3% Worms 3D (2003) - Dec 20, 2018
65 33% UNO (1971) - Dec 20, 2018