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20 T2 God of War: Ragnarök (2022) - 17 Oct 2023
"Ok storyline. The game is way too long. The gameplay is really frustrating with puzzles that are really annoying & like most new gen games they keep talking throughout the whole game. Really long game as it's about 30 hours long. These games need to be a lot shorter for their story mode. 2-3 hours for this game is plenty. I don't need to stop at a lot of sections in this game, walk really slowly just to have a said character tell their side of their story."
20 T2 Persona 5 Royal (2019) - 05 Sep 2023
"This is terrible. It's drawn like a comic book which is the only thing cool. A lot of reading not moving around for a long time until you have to go like inside a mansion to defeat bosses. You get many characters in this. Only can choose 4. This game is like 100 hours. It's very repetitive. One of the worst R.P.G's I have ever played."
60 T7 Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons (2023) - 08 Aug 2023
"This has 5 missions total. 4 Missions & the last mission. You can play the 4 missions in any order you want. Once you've completed that you go on to the 5th mission. 2 endings in this game. You can either join the mayor, which he'll give you 10k cash or you can fight him. 4 Characters to choose from, as you unlock characters, music, art & tips by replaying the game over & over. Combos in this game & specials. You can tag in this game. Marion is the best character in this game as she shoots."
20 T2 Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (1990) - 06 Aug 2023
"This is a terrible game. 3 lives with 2 continues in this game. You hardly get lives in this game. You have to beat this on at least normal. He can't jump on enemies easy. It's pretty long game to play 6 levels when most levels have like 3-4 parts to them. Not having a password system really hurts this game. As you have to beat this in 1 sitting. It's not even fun as bosses take up to 8 shots more to beat."
20 T2 Sonic Frontiers (2022) - 22 Jul 2023
"It's an open World Sonic game that isn't good. You can beat levels & collect keys but that isn't the primary focus of this game. This game is more RPG. You have to power up your guy find said hearts or whatever item in the said World to proceed & continue with saving said friends. Ex: Amy: you need to give her like 13 hearts. The World is pretty big, so you'll be walking around a lot to find them etc. You can't go to a said location in this by highlighting an icon & press a button."
40 T5 Resident Evil 4 (2023) - 25 Jun 2023
"Too many complex annoying puzzles in this that I had to look up every time. That really hurt the gameplay in this. I would say this is better than the original. Ashley is a lot better in this game, you can protect her easily. The story in this game is a lot better. It's only good for 1 playthrough I feel."
40 T5 Hunt down (2020) - 03 Jun 2023
"A side scrolling modern shooter. So basically you're a bounty hunter shooting down the Bounty's, that are bosses in this game. 4 areas in this game. Easy to hard modes & a Badass mode is unlocked once you beat this game. You have a life meter in this of 5, you collect them throughout the levels. The levels aren't that hard, only when you get to certain bosses & the last boss. I would say difficulty 5/10. Beat it once, not worth playing again."
40 T5 Blazing Chrome (2019) - 03 Jun 2023
"This is a side scrolling game like Contra Hard corps or 4. 2 player Couch coop, you get different power ups & weapons etc. Last boss was pretty long. Took me 1 hour to beat this game. 6 missions, You have to do the 1st 5. You can do any of those 5 in whatever order you want before you play the 6 mission. Terms of difficulty, 5/10 as you are recognizing patterns each time you die. I beat it once & it's not a fun game to replay over again."
20 T2 Horizon Forbidden West (2022) - 12 May 2023
"Trash game. They tell you where to go for the missions. Then when you are doing the missions they want you to explore it yourself. I had to look up youtube vids to beat this because of that."
20 T2 Rolling Thunder 2 (1991) - 29 Apr 2023
"This game is way to hard & not fun. It has a password system, 11 rounds in this game. When you beat the game the 1st time you have to replay a 2nd quest repeating all the 11 rounds. This is impossible to beat. You have limited ammo, a limited life bar, Enemies get progressively harder to the point where if you don't use a Game Genie code for unlimited lives, ammo, invincibility, this game won't be beat. I rented this when I was kid, only got to like the 3rd level."