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Antonio P

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Location: Canada

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60 62% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection (2022) - Sep 28, 2022
"It gets this because of the rewind feature & save states. If it didn't have this, I would have given this a 20. Simply because playing on original hardware with the proper controllers is a lot better than playing it on here. Controls make a difference. They do give you codes in this which aren't consistent. They should have been consistent with them. They did an excellent job with this. It has online. If you don't play online or it didn't have a rewind feature, Just stick to the originals."
20 15% The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015) - Sep 28, 2022
"This game is trash. 1 + hours or tutorials they pause the game, they tell you what to do each time you encounter something. This is a game with telling you where to go & what to do because of a radar meter & map in this game. There's RPG elements, a lot of complex things in the pause menu etc. 5 + hours in all of a sudden this game doesn't show you where you are supposed to go or what to do. This is like a 50 + hour game. I don't need the frustration with this game."
2% Mad Max (2015) - Sep 19, 2022
"This game is just terrible. Basically an open World game that isn't fun. You have little to no ammo, swarm of enemies come at you,, You die pretty quick because of that & the check points are far apart in this game when you do die that you have to restart from the whole mission. RPG elements to upgrade you weapons & cars. The Worst thing a tornado wind comes from no where you can't even see where you are going, you need upgraded armor for that it says. Pure garbage at that point."
80 87% Thunderflash (2020) - Sep 17, 2022
"This game is awesome. 5 Missions in this, once you beat it you unlock boss Rush. They also have a Survival mode in this. You start with 10 credits. Each time you game over they give you 5 extra to start with up to 20 credits. There is save points in this game so you don't have to start the whole game over if you die. You continue with 20 credits where you left off. To get the extra ending in this game which is totally optional you have to beat the whole game in 1 sitting."
20 15% House Flipper (2018) - Aug 02, 2022
"This is really bad. Too complex with the controls & lot of read directions, trouble shooting in this game. I played about 10 min, the game was frustrating me with pick the wheel, pick the broom, then move things. Sometimes you'll press a button to move like a trash bag with trash full out of the game but then you won't just do that the same with the chair. Not a good game at all."
60 62% As Dusk Falls (2022) - Jul 31, 2022
"This game is a story driven game that you can play online with friends. You decide what choices you make. You don't control or walk around with the character. It's a game where you watch the characters talk & then you choose whatever action is prompt on the screen. Many different endings in this game. So basically this is a Full motion Video game but done a whole lot better & made a lot easier."
80 87% Double Dragon 4 (2017) - Jul 24, 2022
"This is awesome game. The graphics are exactly from the Double Dragon 2 Nes Version. So basically there is 12 missions in the story mode. A Tower mode once you beat the story & duel mode. So what's great about this is when you defeat so many enemies in the Tower mode you unlock enemies that you can play & use for story mode. Controls are excellent in this game. Only thing I don't like is that they give you limited amount of lives, no save state or rewind feature. Other than that great game."
20 15% My Friend Pedro (2019) - Jul 24, 2022
"This is game is terrible. Basically a banana is guiding you through the way as you kill enemies. So 5 worlds in this & a ending level. Some have 8 levels while others have 4. When you beat a level you get a grade in the from A being best to C the Worst. Levels look all the same as you run & shoot bad guys. 3 difficulty settings starting from Normal to harder settings."
2% Double Dragon Neon (2012) - Jul 11, 2022
"Worst ever. Basically it's a remake of double dragon 1. Worst controls & gameplay. Your character walks & runs like tree sap, Guys easily kill you in this."
60 62% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge (2022) - Jul 03, 2022
"This is a good game, awesome if you play 6 player coop in this. The main problem in this game is that you have to power up all 7 characters to fully use all of their moves. It takes really long just to power up 1 character in this. I feel the game is way too long with 16 levels in this. They could have easily made it 10 levels in this. If you want to play better Turtle games, Just play the retro ones on the Nes, Snes & Genesis. They have all the characters with full moves & it isn't as long."