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Antonio P

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Game Addict - 542 Game Ratings

Member Since: Oct 20, 2019

Location: Canada

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20 15% Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! (2021) - Nov 03, 2022
"1 of the worst beatem ups. 6 acts to beat. You unlock free mode once you beat this game. Which is basically re choosing any level you did or do them on a harder mode. The game is very long. 15 hours about. You'll fight the same enemies over & over including Red Beard who I fought about 5 + times. So it's just punching mostly. Even with the lightning magic it doesn't really work. This game gets really boring really fast. I beat this, & have no desire to play this over again."
20 15% Double Dragon II: The Revenge (1989) - Oct 31, 2022
"This is really bad. 4 lives & that's it. It's not a hard game but with it's very limitations & spike difficulty you won't be beating this in 1 sitting. You need to preform knees in this game or uppercuts. They are hard to pull off. Sometimes you'll do it sometimes you won't. Platforming in this where it doesn't need to be. So you'll either die there or at sections where there's huge spikes & big guys are beating you down. Use save states or game genie to beat this."
40 38% The Disney Afternoon Collection (2017) - Oct 28, 2022
"I took an average of all the games. It actually came to 37. So I will rate this a 40. Only good games on here are the Duck tale games. The other ones are ok to trash. It has a rewind & save anywhere feature with save states & load states. From all these games I would only recommend Duck Tales. I wouldn't recommend this. If you do happen to play this, don't pay more than $10."
20 15% Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (1993) - Oct 28, 2022
"The last Boss is so complex that it is part of the main game. If it wasn't as complex I would have given this a higher score. You get 3 Lives with 3 continues in this game. 1st one is better."
60 62% DuckTales 2 (1993) - Oct 28, 2022
"This is a good game. Not as good as the 1st. They do have unique things in this game that I like. Such as when you beat a level you get to upgrade your life meter, 1 up, or a continue along with 2 other things. You can choose from easy to hard. fun game."
20 15% Darkwing Duck (1992) - Oct 27, 2022
"Terrible game. Complex enemies & bosses is what makes this title trash. You have 4 lives & unlimited continues because you can select which level you want to play 1st. I beat this, had a frustrating time with it even with save states & a rewind feature that I am playing this on the Disney afternoon collection."
2% TaleSpin (1991) - Oct 26, 2022
"How do you make 1 of the crappiest games ever on the nes? Just play this game. It's a side scrolling flying game. It's really bad. They added RPG elements to this so you can make you plane stronger with having more life & better shooting. In order to get that you have to play this near perfect. So I was only able to increase 2 power ups 1 more heart & a faster shooting weapon. You have 4 lives in this game with 3 continues."
40 38% Felix the Cat (1992) - Oct 26, 2022
"Good side scrolling game & very unique. However with it's 3 limited continues & the game spike in this game being very difficult at the last level along with flying or going on the water with a boat in this game, I can't rate this any higher. I did beat this though using save states."
2% Grounded (2022) - Oct 22, 2022
"This is terrible. I even sent my friend a pic & showed him why this is terrible. I followed the Yellow Marker went into a little tent putting the cursor everywhere & it wouldn't highlight the thing it was supposed to for me to move on the next objective. This is a free game on game pass. Games on game pass are trash."
80 87% Sonic Origins (2022) - Oct 22, 2022
"This is an excellent remake of the Sonic 1-3 with knuckles & Sonic Cd. It has plenty of modes to play this, Anniversary mode, Classic, Mirror & boss Rush. They fixed the glitch of dying on the spike in part 1, Updated graphics for Sonic 2's bonus stages, they look a lot better. You can now play Tails & knuckles in Sonic 1 & play Tails in Sonic Cd. However because it lacks save states & a rewind feature just play these games on original hardware except for Sonic cd."