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Bio: My ranking guide:Over 50-I'd recommend it. Some on the lower end in the 50's and 60's maybe only for certain occasions.
50-hilariously bad. so bad they need to be seen. the kind of film that deserves a 0 and a 100 at the same time.
Under 50-would not recommend most of these films. Some would be ok in a certain situation, like with rifftrax or if your lady is all into it and you have no spine.

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1% Yahtzee Yahtzee (1956) - Rated 24 Jan 2018
"This is the trash people associate with board games. We are in the middle of a board game Golden Age, the likes of which should have an impact on the future of gaming for decades. This should be taken out behind the barn and buried with Monopoly, Go Fish, and Sorry. Literally, thousands of better options than Yahtzee."
79 49% Pokémon Red & Blue Pokémon Red & Blue (1996) - Rated 25 Jan 2018
"In 1996 I was 6. I had Pokemon Red (1 only had about 4 games total so having a brand new one was a pretty big deal) and I played this game for 8 hours straight. I was all in baby. Turns out, triple A batteries don't have an infinite life span and I got to learn a very hard lesson about the importance of saving your game. Literally 8 straight hours of progress lost. First time I put a gun in my mouth so I could taste the steel and consider my options."