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83 54% Mighty Pig Tug (2017) - Rated 18 May 2024
"Fairly chill game for a family setting. Had a 4-yr-old in our group who understood the mechanics and could deploy simple game strategy. Board is a bit tricky to set up, and the pigs/mudpit theme is not very appealing. But fun can be had, and you don't have to be a strategic genius to win, especially since the game's endpoint is random."
78 33% Hacknet (2015) - Rated 29 Apr 2024
"This is clearly an amazing game, a near spot-on simulation, and also a headache. My subjective experience was not fun. The Unix-like interface felt too much like work, the weird people-pleasing politics felt too much like a job, and the random timer-activated stressors, yep, felt too much like a real job. The story and the text seem okay, some of it super tropey, others of it genuinely surprising. There is some branching, but it was not enough to really carry me forward."
82 48% River Raid (1982) - Rated 14 Dec 2023
95 99% RoboRally (1994) - Rated 03 Oct 2023
"This is one of my all-time favourite games. Strategy comes in trying to anticipate the moves of your competitors, logic comes in trying to program your own bot, and the chaos comes when everything is set into motion. I'm only docking points because my kid perceives it as "too nerdy" and won't play it with me."
80 41% Star Trek Lower Decks: The Badgey Directive (2022) - Rated 02 Oct 2023
"It's an idler, so game mechanics are nothing special. It is the first one I've ever played, and it figures that it would take Star Trek content to get me to try one out. It stays true to the tone and style of Lower Decks, and the support team is pretty strong (as of review date), but the monetization is heavily ad-based, and that can't really be mitigated if you want to progress at all."
80 41% Planescape: Torment - Enhanced Edition (2017) - Rated 21 Sep 2023
88 81% The Sims 4: Get To Work (2015) - Rated 12 Sep 2023
80 41% The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs (2018) - Rated 12 Sep 2023
83 54% The Sims 4: City Living (2016) - Rated 12 Sep 2023
88 81% The Sims 4: Get Together (2015) - Rated 12 Sep 2023