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Location: Ireland

Bio: 100 = Flawless, 90 = Masterpiece, 80 = Excellent, 70 = Very Good, 60 = Good, 50 = Average, 40 = Flawed, 30 = Poor, 20 = Bad, 10 = Terrible, 0 = Worthless.
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100 100% Super Metroid (1994) - Jan 13, 2018
"Probably the most perfect game ever made. Beautiful art, evocative music and sound design, phenomenal design theory, and a fantastic setting all flow together seamlessly to create something that is somehow still more than the sum of its parts."
95 100% The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (2002) - Jan 12, 2018
"The flawed gameplay mechanics that were an awkward product of the transition between dicerolls and more immersive fps combat can easily be overlooked when nestled in such fantastic narrative and worldbuilding. The lore and philosophical influence behind it all is an absolute bottomless pit to lose yourself in, even if you're somehow done with the enormous amount of great game content. Also I make the sounds for the Tamriel Rebuilt mod so go play that."