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80 T5 Trine (2009) - 25 Nov 2023
"I never had a chance to play it with friends, but the single player mode scratched the "Little Big Planet meets D&D by way of Medieval 2" itch I never knew I had. This was a neat game; I love when puzzle-platformers don't have a prescribed solution for every problem."
90 T9 Sensible Soccer (1992) - 29 Oct 2023
"Only played the Genesis version because I can't figure out how to get my controller to work in the GOG version. Anyway, this is a stellar game of soccer. It's sufficiently serious, but the simple arcade controls just work. It's like the soccer Tecmo Bowl."
85 T7 Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006) - 29 Oct 2023
"One or two steps too close to casual action, but the gameplay is rock solid, and attaching RPG mechanics to the costumes was a great choice (your yellow and blue wolverine will have a slightly different playstyle to your tanktop and jeans wolverine, for example). The only flaw for me was a personal disinterest in some of the level locations: they were either overdone for the series (vaguely futuristic military/industrial compounds), or outright annoying (Murderworld). Atlantis was cool though."
T1 NBA 2K24 (2023) - 29 Oct 2023
"All 5 points there are for the marginal improvements to gameplay. This is a game made by an equity management firm."
95 T10 X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005) - 04 Sep 2023
"I'd argue that this is the best couch co-op ARPG of its generation. Seems like a tiny niche from my 2023 vantage point, but no, the shelves were choked with these things in the 00s. Anyway, this one is a perfect blend of RPG and beat 'em up with a character available for whatever your playstyle happens to be."
80 T5 X-Men Legends (2004) - 04 Sep 2023
"Not quite the pinnacle of couch co-op action RPG, but the character variety and beat 'em up gameplay definitely put this one at the top of the heap. Some of the RPG mechanics got in the way, so it wasn't an altogether seamless affair, and it took a whole lot of effort to get those alternate skins."
75 T4 Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (2001) - 04 Sep 2023
"Couch co-op is the recommended play style here. The flaw with that being that this is only a two player game. It's an okay, but slightly shallow, game. It doesn't really stand out as better or worse than similar games of the time, and it was eclipsed entirely by X-Men Legends."
80 T5 Tyranny (2016) - 29 Aug 2023
"A big step in the right direction for defining how an RPG where you play as the bad guy should play without just being a rip and tear murder fest. I also loved the really cool, linguistics-inspired customizable magic system. My only issue was how limited it felt in terms of tactical challenges."
85 T7 Total War: Rome Remastered (2021) - 29 Aug 2023
"The best game in the franchise gets a shiny new coat of paint. The original was rock solid and actually scaled up nicely to modern PCs, so they would have had to Rockstar it up to fail. But there you go, shiny TW: Rome."
75 T4 Total War: Shogun 2 (2011) - 29 Aug 2023
"This one is more homogeneous than older titles, owing to the fact that we are playing different factions within the same nation. I was a fan of the art and presentation, and the strategic end of things had some variety to it. When I could be bothered to care about the combat, it was nice."