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Game Junkie - 1298 Game Ratings

Member Since: Jul 26, 2008

Location: Canada

Age: 37

Bio: I have a twitter: https://twitter.com/flickmetictyler
I even occasionally tweet.
Here's a big long empty space to symbolize the void in my soul.

Anything 51 and up is a recommendation, meaning you aren't wasting your time seeing it. Anything between 51-79 ranges from mediocre to very good. Anything 80+ is what I call a "Great Movie" and it's a must-see and is awesome to various degrees. Anything that's a 50 is something that I'm a fence sitter on (meaning I'm too useless to actually be able to make up my god damn mind) so it could go either way. 49 and under means you should avoid. Under 10 means I was probably raped by the movie or, at the very least, fondled. Despite the effort I've put into explaining my rating system, numbers are fairly often chosen at random (well, maybe my gut feeling) so I might actually like a movie I rated 75 more than an 85, I just really can't be bothered to go back and constantly re-do my ratings.

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90 86% Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) - Nov 24, 2022
"I left CoD years ago so this is my comeback. I don't like having to use guns I wouldn't otherwise use to unlock attachments. And there are little flaws here and there. But the campaign is really solid and even a little bit open (for a CoD game), which is nice. And I'm having a lot of fun with the multiplayer, which is what is putting this up to a 90. It's a little slower than the CoD I remember, which I like. Maps are good all around with some great ones."
80 60% Shadows Over Loathing (2022) - Nov 24, 2022
"The art style is going to turn off some people, but it works well with the comedy and adds to the charm. Lots of ridiculous characters and mysteries. From a gameplay perspective, it's fast and things breeze by. But the combat is really simplistic and not overly satisfying. I wouldn't usually say this but I'd almost rather not have combat, and just explore this really silly and over-the-top world. The way it handles stats is interesting but I'm not super into it."
85 75% Goat Simulator 3 (2022) - Nov 21, 2022
"We've gotten lots of really silly games like this since the first came out, but there's still a lot of care on display here. It's a skill to make something really janky but still fun. The sandbox works because you don't really know what you're going to get to do next. Not many open worlds accomplish that since they're often very formulaic. Sure, if you've played GS then you know what you're getting here fundamentally, but it still works. Funny and a blast to play, gameplay is king here."
75 45% Tactics Ogre: Reborn (2022) - Nov 18, 2022
"It's good for what it is. The tactics gameplay is fine, there's quite a bit of depth to equipment/skills, etc. Story is whatever. If you're into Tactics games, it's a good time. That's not my favourite style of RPG. However, I hate when games require items to change classes. I have never understood the point. And the level cap is stupid."
65 24% From Space (2022) - Nov 07, 2022
"I like top down shooters quite a bit, and this one is fine... but it doesn't really do anything unique or exceptionally well. Shooting feels fine but the range of the weapons is kind of lame sometimes. The shotgun sucks. Progression system leaves a little to be desired. Story is whatever."
65 24% Gotham Knights (2022) - Nov 02, 2022
"Doesn't do a great job of making you cool, just feels like you're 1/4 of Batman in the Arkham games. This didn't need to be an RPG, and the loot system doesn't really add anything. The combat is fine but why did they make a lesser Arkham in that sense too? That fighting system still works. Missions are fine, but side missions are bland open world shit. I like superheroes and I did get some enjoyment out of this, but it is not great."
70 33% Paradise Marsh (2022) - Oct 22, 2022
"It's not a game that will set the world on fire, but there's a charm to a pleasant 70. You just explore, catch critters, learn the story about this place as you explore. No challenge to it besides trying to figure out how to catch some of them. Relaxing, pretty short. Nice soundtrack."
75 45% Overwatch 2 (2022) - Oct 22, 2022
"Skipped first, only played this since it's free. I like it just fine. I like some of the modes, but hate that they rotate. I understand that you have to "go to Overwatch University" (as my bro said) in order to really get into the mechanics and who does best against who, etc. I'm not willing to put that much effort into this so to me it's just a fun, fast shooter that feels good. Good variety in characters. An okay amount of content, but I understand that fans of the 1st are mad. Fair enough."
80 60% Jack Move (2022) - Oct 09, 2022
"If you like the cyberpunk aesthetic, beautiful pixel art that really brings that to life, and turn-based battles... then Jack Move is for you. What it does isn't that original, but it does it well. The systems play together well and it just ends up being a fun romp that doesn't overstay its welcome. Seriously, we need more RPGs that just give you 8-12 hours of entertainment. You won't get caught up in side quests, just a good story."
70 33% Grounded (2022) - Oct 08, 2022