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55 T5 Advance Wars (2001) - 29 Jul 2020
"fun enough. the RPG elements are lacking and there's no particularly sufficient reward, be it extrinsic or intrinsic, but the novelty of an RTS on handheld manages to make it palatable. Fire Emblem is better."
65 T7 Codenames (2015) - 29 Jul 2020
"fun and accessible as long as you're not playing with morons"
35 T3 Limbo (2010) - 29 Jul 2020
"night impossible to take seriously. the first time the kid died might be the hardest I've ever laughed at a video game. gameplay is meh."
40 T4 Spelunky (2012) - 29 Jul 2020
"dull roguelike with subpar gameplay. never understood the praise it got."
75 T9 Superhot (2017) - 29 Jul 2020
"[VR review] a blast. it's narrow and occasionally repetitive, but it's intuitive, fast and fun, it's the kind of game that blends physical activity and game feedback into a... Super Hot product. I imagine the lower ratings are from people who played it standard, and I don't blame them, but if you've got access to VR you should absolutely give this a shot."
75 T9 Death Stranding (2019) - 28 Jul 2020
"a mixed bag, but ultimately a good one. Death Stranding is at its best when its storytelling is ludonarrative; the feeling of connectedness and self-sacrifice was strongest when I was cresting a hill to deliver a pizza rather than in any of the cutscenes where characters were stressing the importance of making connections. Kojima didn't quite complete the transition to telling stories through gameplay here, when it's a far better fit than in Metal Gear. maybe he'll get there."
80 T10 Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition (2020) - 28 Jul 2020
"a very excellent JRPG which breaks a lot of conventions. for one, there's nothing about an empire, royalty or dragons. for another, the story is good, as are the characters. some of the gameplay design choices are subpar; that all combat is essentially reduced to stat-based gatekeeping takes away a lot of potential depth, though the world itself is a blast to explore."
60 T6 Tales of Vesperia (2008) - 28 Jul 2020
"the Tales games are perfect when you're looking for an 80-hour story that sucks. Vesperia is no exception, though Yuri is easily the most likeable lead in any of the games, in no small part due to him not being a whiny 12 year old boy. instead, that role is reserved for every other member of the team."
80 T10 Doom Eternal (2020) - 28 Jul 2020
"an upgrade on the first* game in most ways, and a slight downgrade in fewer. rip and tear, baby."
100 T10 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004) - 23 Jul 2020
"[REPLAY] I don't make these often, but a game-to-film comparison is The Princess Bride; a bizarre yet heartfelt story filled with wacky characters, wackier villains and oddly sophisticated combat. that Nintendo refuses to make another Paper Mario game like TTYD indicates they're more interested in delivering kinesthetic experiences rather than emotional ones. and yet, this is both. a shining example of the kind of experience only video games can provide, as rare as those experiences can be."