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Game Buff - 140 Game Ratings

Member Since: Sep 20, 2010

Location: USA

Bio: My passions: Golden age Japanese cinema, German expressionism, film noir, the cinema of East Asia, silent comedy, 80's body horror, brainy science fiction

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76 60% Fallout 4 (2015) - Jan 26, 2023
"I wasn't that into this game at first but it won me over. It's a good game. Is it a good Fallout game? Maybe not. The dialogue system is simplified, player choice and consequence is rudimentary, and the skill system has been streamlined but there's still a lot to like. F4 is the best shooter of all the Fallout games. The map is huge and detailed, it's filled with interactable objects that are actually useful, and the settlement building is fun."
80 76% Citizen Sleeper (2022) - Jan 06, 2023
80 76% Hardspace: Shipbreaker (2022) - Jan 04, 2023
78 68% Norco (2022) - Jan 04, 2023
67 10% Immortality (2022) - Dec 17, 2022
"I found the game mechanics contrived and illogical. I played for two hours looking through clips with no idea what I was looking for. No sense of direction, no narrative hook. The idea of the design is very interesting, and some points for originality, but the execution leaves something to be desired."
74 45% Somerville (2022) - Nov 23, 2022
"The puzzle design is hit or miss, occasionally engaging, often times obtuse and annoying."
78 68% Pentiment (2022) - Nov 21, 2022
72 34% Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (2017) - Nov 03, 2022
"I love the story, the characters, the voice acting, the cinematic cutscenes, the music, the sound design and art direction, the overall presentation. I don't love the corridor shooter game play, the confusing level design, the half-baked stealth mechanics, the punishing health system and hitscan weapons forcing you into cover when you 'd rather run and gun. Play on the lowest difficulty."
80 76% Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches (2013) - Oct 30, 2022
"Arkane would ultimately end up recycling this plot in Dishonored 2. Coldridge prison is a recycled level from the main game, but Draper's Ward and Brigmore Manor are pretty good new content."