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Bio: My passions: Golden age Japanese cinema, German expressionism, film noir, the cinema of East Asia, silent comedy, 80's body horror, brainy science fiction

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90 T10 Starfield (2023) - 11 Sep 2023
"All BGS games start slow; so many systems to master, it's kinda overwhelming. Once things get rolling, it's incredible. The longer you play the better it gets. The UC Vanguard questline is worth it by itself and that's only a fraction of the total game. Combat is decent except for melee. Go to Neon if you want to play stealth because it's useless everywhere else. Character animation and voice acting are very good for main companions. Giant world packed with interactivity under every rock."
78 T7 Broforce (2015) - 05 Sep 2023
80 T8 A Short Hike (2019) - 11 Aug 2023
70 T3 Maquette (2021) - 11 Aug 2023
"Some good ideas spoiled by iffy execution."
78 T7 Human: Fall Flat (2016) - 01 Aug 2023
79 T8 F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch (2021) - 10 Jul 2023
"Slick visuals, a deep combat system, snappy platforming and classic metroidvania game design make up for a story that is merely adequate."
75 T6 Dordogne (2023) - 29 Jun 2023
"While I enjoy the water color visuals and find some of the minigames charming, the actual plot never really comes together. A passable title to get on sale or on game pass."
73 T4 Supraland: Six Inches Under (2022) - 18 Jun 2023
"Some people would call this game's puzzles hard. I just call them inconsistent and unintuitive."
73 T4 Redfall (2023) - 23 May 2023