MOVIES you might have missed

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MOVIES you might have missed

Post by gabba2k7 »

k lets mention some movies which might have slipped under the radar

not so popular (dunno, below 100k votes on imdb?) and-or underrated (for some subjective snobish reasons, like when lots of users compared it with original film, book, had some unrealisic expectations, didnot like actors chosen etc)

personally im interested in
timeframe:1990-till now
genres: thriller, action, horror, maybe some crime and legal dramas.

k, let me start
Jacob's Ladder (1990) 7,5/10 imdb ; thriller, noir horror. /I remember liking its suspense and unease atmo.
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Re: MOVIES you might have missed

Post by ribcage »

Angel Heart is an ideal double feature with Jacobs Ladder.

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Re: MOVIES you might have missed

Post by movieboy »
Only 1276 votes on IMDB. Not a great movie or anything but good.

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Re: MOVIES you might have missed

Post by kgbelliveau »

Hotel Mumbai

Featured Armie Hammer and Dev Patel it did have a lot of violence but also focused on a different culture and the devestation of a terrorist attack. It was good and did use some of the genre cliches to make it from beginning to end but overall it was a very solid film with good characterization.

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Re: MOVIES you might have missed

Post by Midaso »

Two Step (Alex R Johnson,2014). It astounds me how little seen/talked about this movie is. Definitely would recommend checking out if you like crime dramas...

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Re: MOVIES you might have missed

Post by kgbelliveau »

The Hate U Give- Fantastic powerful drama about gang wars and drugs. It deals with one family trying to break the stigma that this is all there is for them. Very well acted by everyone involved and a must watch for sure.

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Re: MOVIES you might have missed

Post by AFlickering »

a bunch of great stuff with a popularity score of 6/10 or less on criticker (this score refers to quantity of ratings, not the average rating):
Romancing in Thin Air (2012)
johnnie to's greatest movie IMO, thematically speaking it's a thousand times better version of life of pi. don't go breaking my heart 2 is almost as glorious, one of the most savage anti-romcoms ever while still being a great romcom.

Bleak Moments (1971)
mike leigh's underseen debut is one of his very best and strangest.

Hill of Freedom (2014)
often dismissed as minor but it may be hong sang-soo's most organic and sublime construction.

Man's Castle (1933)
fuck i need to see more borzage, he's food for the soul. so do you.

The Unspeakable Act (2012)
way better than all those more popular distaff coming of age movies of recent years (lady bird, the edge of seventeen, diary of a teenage girl etc), directed by critic dan sallitt.

Aaaaaaaah! (2015)
from steve oram, best known for collaborating with wheatley and strickland and thoroughly worthy of those guys.

A Bride for Rip Van Winkle (2016)
a top 3 movie of 2016 for me, a much better examination of identity and artifice in the digital age than iwai's more beloved all about lily chou-chou was.

Combat Shock (1986)
like watching eraserhead while suffering PTSD and dying of a heroin overdose.

Days of Eclipse (1988)
nearly as mesmerising a strugatsky adaptation as stalker.

Eye of God (1997)
exceptionally humane and harrowing southern gothic and the best possible 'problem of evil' allegory.

Into Eternity (2010)
rivals the act of killing as my favourite doc of the decade, a work of breathtaking portent even if the execution is a little ropey.

Je t'aime moi non plus (1976)
serge gainsbourg's greatest achievement. come for the painful anal sex, stay for all the offhand beauty and tragedy amidst the degeneracy.

Love and Peace (2015)
might be my favourite sion sono after love exposure; a majestically silly christmas musical built atop sadness, rage and mental illness.

Le Monde Vivant (2003)
deadpan fairy tale that's both bressonian and hilarious.

Posle smerti (1915)
this guy is long overdue being inducted into the silent canon.

Singapore Sling (1990)
unhinged, depraved riff on laura that should appeal to fans of lanthimos for its intimidating tonal control.

Tu dors Nicole (2014)
summer ennui film that plays like gently surreal science fiction; a movie to live in.

Buzzard (2015
death metal office space. the alchemist cookbook is even less seen and really great too. joel potrykus is the shit.

Candy Mountain (1988)
closest thing to the first two jarmusch movies you'll find. it even has a tom waits cameo.

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Re: MOVIES you might have missed

Post by pisha »

Alison Maclean's "Kitchen Sink" is a wonderful short that I could see fans of surreal horror à la Eraserhead enjoying quite a lot. It can be found on YouTube.

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