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Emily is Away

Role-Playing, Thematic
Emily Is Away is an indie visual novel by game developer Kyle Seeley, released for free in November 2015. The game's story is linear, with the player unable to significantly change the course of the plot throughout the game. Set in the early-to-mid 2000s, Emily Is Away tells the story of the protagonist's relationship with a girl, Emily, over the course of five years, from the senior year of high school to the senior year of college. (wikipedia.org)
Franchise: Emily is Away
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The game is so lame because regardless of what you do your player character comes off like he can't get over his old high school crush and said crush is the most bland, boring person imaginable. As something supposedly trying to capture the 00's, it doesn't seem to care enough to express anything about the culture of that era beyond basic MSN lingo and looking past that the most they could muster for any character is basic biographical information at best. A real waste of an hour.
Decent enough story-based drama. Its free so if you have an hour or so.
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Platforms: WindowsLinuxmacOS
Developer: Kyle Seeley
Publisher: Kyle Seeley

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