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Velvet Crowe

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Game Junkie - 1090 Game Ratings

Member Since: Jun 3, 2010

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Age: 30

Bio: Former journalist, invested in humanities, fitness, and weed.

Subtlety is overrated.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/HUnyvT

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23 5% Death to Spies (2007) - Nov 29, 2022
"The game has loads of bugs to the degree it often becomes flat out unplayable, but it's also just not good in general. For one, the maps are needlessly large and empty which causes a lot of uneventful running from one point to the other. The game also has incoherent objectives which often leave you confused as to what you're even expected to do and the tiered disguises system is awful in terms of just how one disguise is the most dominant even though enemy ai STILL sees through it somehow."
72 63% Illbleed (2001) - Nov 29, 2022
"Playing this game is goddamn painful due to level layouts being designed to waste your time and a lot of the gimmicks just flat out being obnoxious. The combat is also really braindead due to how generous iframes are and most encounters end up being basically the same loop. Despite it all, the game has so many crazy novelties and does so many insane things with its game design that I can't help but love it! Any game that sets out to troll you like this game does deserves praise."
81 82% Bloons TD 6 (2018) - Nov 26, 2022
"This game is wild in terms of the amount of complexity it has and the variety of interactions there are between various different unit types. It's way too much for me to have any desire for me to truly comprehend, but I think the game is damn good in terms of how much variety it has and the way utility is designed. Shit makes me go bananas!"
80 79% Streets of Rage 4 (2020) - Nov 26, 2022
"SoR4 is really cool in terms of what it does with its combo system, character variety, and a neutral game that feels satisfying due to enemy interactions. On the other hand, I think the neutral is too reactive and discourages you from committing too hard which makes the combo game REALLY frustrating considering how easily enemies can break it. Maybe that's not a particularly large flaw in reality, but it feels at odds with its ranking system and just makes it overly restrictive."
57 41% Code Vein (2019) - Nov 26, 2022
"An overly elaborate Souls-theme shitpost. The level design is full of obnoxious corridors with bad signposting amplified by dumb ambushes. If talking raw mechanics Code Vein doesn't do anything particularly bad but I didn't vibe with how floaty it feels and the game's complete lack of hitstop, stagger, and knockback. It's like it took the worst aspects of God Eater and put it into a Souls game. That said, I have a softspot for its character creator and dumb 00's anime edge so I'll give it that!"
86 90% Nioh (2017) - Nov 26, 2022
"Nioh has its issues such as its bloated loot system with awful tuning, the late game bosses being pretty bleh, and having awkward button placement can make style switching a bit of a drag. Despite all that, the ki and style switching mesh together perfectly creating a lot of cool defensive and offensive options which change a lot depending on what weapon you use. The result is a game that, while perhaps overly snowbally when mastered, allows for cool ways to experiment with its gameplay."
80 79% Return of the Obra Dinn (2018) - Nov 26, 2022
"The game is a bit obtuse in terms of figuring out certain names which went straight into trial and error at times, but this game is really cool in that it'll encourage you to go through all the setpieces multiple times to figure out the pieces you missed and the game respects you enough to not handhold you towards any specific conclusion. It's unfortunate the narrative was lacking since the cast is superficial and the twists it pulls is predictable tripe. Cool visual style, at least."
66 53% Huntdown (2020) - Nov 16, 2022
52 32% Chroma Squad (2015) - Oct 09, 2022
"It's fun in terms of its vibes and concept but the game could have used more in its core. The objective system is really cool in terms of how it ties to the meta narrative but the actual combat system is way too limited causing a lot of these objectives to become repetitive and wear out its welcome, not to mention the mech battles are all mindlessly the same. This is a game I'd probably like a lot more if its length was cut down by half and it was paced better... or the writing wasn't so clumsy."
38 18% Beat Cop (2017) - Oct 09, 2022
"This game relies entirely on you finding its gameplay loop addicting which; unfortunately, I did not. Most of the game is a bunch of boring mini-games and time management which often proved to be more nauseating than anything due to how obtuse the game is with its logic and gameplay goals while just not making sense at times. Why should I have my pay docked for stopping 2 robberies in a day because I didn't hit the 15 ticket quota? The writing is also repetitive and painfully unfunny."