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Star Trek

Star Trek

Action, Shooter
Star Trek is a single-player third person shooter action game with cooperative gameplay elements, which allow two players to control Kirk and Spock. When playing in the single-player mode, Kirk and Spock have different paths through the missions in order to encourage re-playability. In a similar manner to the Gears of War series, the game includes a cover system, which protects the player characters from enemy fire. (wikipedia.org)
Franchise: Star Trek
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I loved the voice-acting (actors from the 2009 movie), the line and story was quite nice to follow. BUT the platforming parts were awful (I died so many times because I pressed B instead of A). I'm glad I played it but one run is enough.
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Genres: ActionShooter
Platforms: WindowsPS3Xbox 360
Developer: Digital Extremes

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