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Game Fan - 42 Game Ratings

Member Since: Sep 21, 2018

Location: Arizona, USA

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30 2% No Man's Sky (2017) - Jul 14, 2020
"It took me exactly 33 minutes to uninstall and never look back. What a boring mess."
60 12% Fortnite (2017) - Jul 14, 2020
"It's great to goof around with. Free to play but I'd never spend money on this. A large part of the appeal is visually customizing characters. Aiming and shooting can be way off. Blooming, or the more you shoot the less you hit, is a known thing. The building aspect should be completely removed and players should be forced to either survive by hiding behind something already on the map, or die. Cartoon looking graphics are a turn off, but again, this is free."
75 27% Go Fish (1984) - May 27, 2020
80 44% Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen! (2017) - May 27, 2020
"I love collecting things so this is a fantastic game to spend an hour on every day. Elex will nickle and dime you but plenty can be done without spending. It's quite fun to live vicariously through Nikki and wear outlandish or beautiful outfits you've worked hard to create."
30 2% Audiosurf 2 (2015) - May 27, 2020
"So many controls were broken. Had to do my own coding just to fix a couple things but realized it still wasn't an upgrade from 1 and got my money back."
85 57% Audiosurf (2008) - May 27, 2020
100 96% Portal (2007) - May 27, 2020
90 75% The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011) - May 27, 2020
80 44% DOOM (2016) - May 27, 2020
"I came into the Doom franchise on Doom 3. I was looking forward to 2016 but it's nothing like 3 and I'm kind of disappointed. This is great as a fps with plenty of gore, but it isn't genuinely scary like 3. Nothing really jumps out at you or just shows up in the dark. Having to find all the secrets and complete rune challenges just to improve guns and armor isn't really fun either, and I love collecting things. Also, I absolutely hate the double jump timing."
75 27% Vikings: War of Clans (2015) - Oct 26, 2018