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Game Fan - 10 Game Ratings

Member Since: May 6, 2018

Location: USA

Bio: An Informative Entertainer and Game content reviewer. Host of the YouTube Channel and Website I play anything and everything and only continue playing if the game is goooood. When it comes to quality gaming, I certainly do my best in finding it. No console wars here =D
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88 75% Castlevania (1986) - May 07, 2018
"A Fun classic if there ever was one. a difficult but fair adventure that requires the player to learn from their mistakes and use strategy to overcome the odds. doesnt over stay its welcome and delivers a great memorable experience"
70 35% Blaster Master (1988) - May 07, 2018
"a Classic platforming exploration shoot em up that still has a fun engaging gameplay as well as an enjoyable soundtrack. a bit dated but still would pop it in for some good times"
10 5% Back to the Future Part II & III (1990) - May 07, 2018
"No... just no..."
20 15% Back to the Future (1989) - May 07, 2018
"Very low replayability, not much to do with the film save for sprinkling in some tid bits just to say there's relation. still there is an old arcade style challenge there if your morbidly curious"
80 65% Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (2010) - May 06, 2018
"Basically Kingdom Hearts Revenge of the Sith, this game get's depressingly dark but not in a bad way, but more of a predictable one being a prequel. with 3 playable characters with their own distinct styles of combat you are guaranteed a somewhat refreshing experience in the saga with new worlds and a deeper lore"
75 45% Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004) - May 06, 2018
"If we're talking about the Handheld GBA Game then you are in for a fun ride that doesnt overstay it's welcome and delivers fun action with a unique card battle system that honestly get's more hate then it deserves. the PS2 version is the same experience just on a grander scale which could add more lengthy play times and even harder combat scenarios. as a bridge from 1 game to the next you can't go wrong with either one. but the GBA version is a quicker experience "
68 25% Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (2009) - May 06, 2018
"As far as Nintendo DS games go this was pretty ambitious and a genuine surprise at just how much the system was able to output by trying to emulate the gameplay and looks of Kingdom Hearts 2. while the game is long and does get tedious. it does tug the emotional heart strings with the characters and still delivers the action. as a DS handheld game you could do far worse. Would only recommend if you are already a fan of the series and played the games in order thus far"
90 85% Kingdom Hearts 2 (2005) - May 06, 2018
"Hot damn talk about effort. Kingdom Hearts 2 truly shifted the gameplay into overdrive & and created a sequel that brings the action and adventure to a bigger and broader level, the characters continue to drive the plot forward and the combat is unforgettable, The Final Mix version is def the go to version with even more to do and a balls busting new difficulty setting to make the adventure more stressful in a fun way, you would be surprised how far button mashing can get you if you panic enough"
78 55% Kingdom Hearts (2002) - May 06, 2018
"With the franchise at large, either you are on board or not. You either get it or don't. I was fascinated by the tale at large when trying to crossover the multiverses of Disney and Square Enix. The characters are truly the driving force of the series as they are completely fleshed out and likable. The plot is pretty fundamental in this beginning chapter but it's the best place to start. The camera was a little too focused on Sora and the platforming was iffy but the thrill of battle was great"
100 95% Tales of Eternia (2000) - May 06, 2018
"Tales of Eternia is beautifully told fleshed out story that explores the tale of two worlds which are polar opposites in structure and technological enhancements. Under the threat of Armageddon a young girl named Meredy senses the destruction coming and travels to the other world to enlist help from those who would listen and travel to exotic locations to do what they can to prevent the catastrophe. This was a thrilling tale of friends, doubts & knowing when to do the right thing. Very top tier"